9-1-1 season 3, episode 16 recap: The One That Got Away

This week’s episode of 9-1-1 manages to break our hearts and leaves us shocked with what’s to come.

9-1-1 is rapidly approaching the end of its third season (I can’t believe we’re here already!), and I have to say they have really kicked things up a notch. But before we get into the madness of what this show always has to offer, allow me to talk about Buck’s arc this week.

As a character, Buck has really gone through a wonderful character progression and come into his own. But through all the growth, he’s been left rather alone. The relationships since Abby haven’t resulted in much, and I think a big part of him is still holding out for her.

After heroically saving an elderly deaf woman from a building on fire, Buck is in the mood to celebrate with his fellow first responders. Unfortunately, they all have things going on and can’t join him for a celebratory drink.

So Buck decides to go out on his own, and it was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. While at the bar, Buck meets an elderly ex-firefighter named Red who seems down and filled with regrets about how his life has turned out.

His friends have either passed or are busy with their own lives. Red never got married and spent most of his life alone. There’s something about this old man that Buck relates to and they very quickly form a friendship.

This is an aspect of 9-1-1 that I truly adore. You never know where the stories are going to take you, and with what central characters. I love seeing how Buck and Red connect so easily, and how they both have a moment to evaluate their lives through one another. The only difference here is that Buck still has his entire life ahead of him. Unlike Red who once let go of the love of his life because of his dedication to being a firefighter.

Buck attempts to reunite Red with his long-lost love, but the effort goes sideways when they learn the woman has dementia. It’s a sad realization for Red, but an even sadder one for Buck, reminding him of what he lost when Abby left and broke up with him.

Naturally, 9-1-1 had to go and break our hearts with the bond that Buck and Red formed over the course of the episode. After the botched romantic attempt, Red wanted to be left alone, but that doesn’t last long. Buck gets called into the hospital because Red fell ill, and learns that Red doesn’t have much time left.

Ugh, come on, 9-1-1. Why do you insist on making us cry ugly tears?

While Red may not have ended up with the love of his life, Buck does arrange something beautiful for him–a tribute for all the years he put in to being a first responder. As he left the hospital, folks lined the hallway and showed their appreciation for Red.

It was incredibly beautiful, and a perfect end to his life, as Red passes away later that night. R.I.P. Red, thanks for giving us a beautiful episode of 9-1-1.

While Buck is busy contemplating life this week, there is a lot going on on Athena’s end of things. When a drone causes a father and son to have an accident on their bikes, it leads Athena and the FBI down a very frightening path.

As it turns out, the man operating the drone is a voyeur who picks his victims out by spying on them. Then, he proceeds to record himself raping them. It’s an extremely disturbing discovery and its far from over. In the final moments of this week’s episode, Athena and her team figure out what is going on, which will lead us into whatever is coming up.

There’s never a dull moment on 9-1-1, is there?

And if you thought that’s as crazy as it would get, then think again. Next week’s episode marks something extremely exciting for day one 9-1-1 fans–the return of Connie Britton as Abby! I knew there had to be a reason Buck brought up Abby so much.

Until, next week (which is going to be awesome!)

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