Outlander Season 5, Episode 11 recap: Journeycake

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander gives us the season 5 penultimate episode we were hoping for!

Outlander is one episode away from the end of its fifth season, and I think it’s safe to say, our hearts are not ready to say goodbye just yet. But I have to say that the season 5 penultimate episode is everything I wanted from this season. It gives us the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, emotions, and of course, the Jamie/Claire passion we all love and adore.

The entire season has been building up to this point and it’s about darn time I say. As you’re aware, Roger and Brianna have been unclear on whether or not Jemmy can travel through the stones. That is, until now. One of the things about time-traveling in Outlander is that whoever can do it, hears strange buzzing noises, and needs stones to go through.

The exact science is yet to be determined, at least as far as the series goes. Anyway, while playing with Jemmy, Ian hands him his opal stone, and he immediately complains that it’s warm. Ian has no idea what the kid is talking about, and gives him a look of confusion.

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But it’s not until Claire and Brianna touch the stone too that we realize they feel the warmth of it too. And then there’s the buzzing noise that again only Brianna, Jemmy, Claire, and Roger can hear. What does all of this mean? JEMMY CAN TIME TRAVEL TOO!

And with that, Roger and Brianna’s decision to go back to their time is made swiftly. Within the following month, they’ll return, leaving behind the world they’ve somewhat acclimated to. It’s quite a heartbreaking realization for any Outlander fan to take in. Roger, Jemmy, and Brianna are leaving. Ugh. Can’t they just stay at Fraser’s Ridge?

After the stone situation, Ian is obviously aware that there is something very strange going on with his family. I think a part of him has always known that something is up with everyone, and he finally decides to confront his uncle Jamie about it. Surprisingly, Claire and Jamie open up about it. Finally, someone else knows!

While the MacKenzies prepare to head back home, Lord John Grey pays them a visit and reveals he too is going back home–to England. Lord Dunsany has passed away and he has matters of the estate to take care of, specifically for William, aka Jamie’s son. Speaking of which, Jamie fills Brianna in on the whole “you have a half-brother” secret. I was happy to see that Brianna was ecstatic to learn about this, and it’s something she’ll cling onto when she goes back home.

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Embarking on Lord John Grey’s journey with him is Ulysses, Jocasta’s man-servant. After the whole situation with Forbes, Jocasta wanted him to find refuge elsewhere before he got convicted for Forbes’ murder. Going with John is the best option, even though, as we learn from Ulysses, Jocasta made him a free man right after her husband’s death. He decided to stick back with her anyway. What a loyal guy!

Before we know it, this week’s episode of Outlander brings us to the moment we’ve patiently waited for. Roger and Brianna ask Ian to join them on their journey to the stones because if Jamie and Claire join them, it’ll be too hard for Brianna to actually leave. So, the night before, there’s an adorable family dinner to honor the MacKenzie family. I won’t lie, I got ridiculously emotional.

As Roger, Jemmy, and Brianna prepare to walk through (about two weeks after that dinner, by the way) the stones, I had a feeling Ian was going to try and go through as well. He had asked Claire to take him through, unaware that it’s not as easy as that. Poor guy, he needs something good to happen. He’s really been struggling ever since he came back from the Mohawk life.

Anyway, the MacKenzie finally walk through the stones, and when they make it through the other side, there seems to be a surprise waiting for them. Something tells me they didn’t end up where they wanted based on the look on their faces. Um, so where are they? Or rather, when are they?

Tune in to find out, folks.

This week’s episode of Outlander ends on a tragic note, and I wasn’t prepared for it. Earlier in the episode, Claire treated a woman who came in with a broken wrist, likely from her husband hitting her. This husband is the very same man that broke Claire’s penicillin syringe, so we already don’t like him.

As Claire learns, the broken wrist is a result of the woman refusing to sleep with her husband. If she delays sleeping with her husband until she’s two weeks away from her period, she can prevent getting pregnant with his child. She gets the idea from Claire’s medical column that has been printed under the pseudonym “Dr. Rawlings”.

Of course, the husband ends up seeing Claire’s medical case that has the name “Dr. Rawlings” written on it. The look on his face is enough to give away that he is pissed, and boy, does he seek revenge.

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To distract the men away from Fraser’s Ridge, an explosion is rigged some distance away from the community. This gives enough time for that horrible man and his men to come in and abduct Claire and knock Marsali out with a punch. When the men return, they realize what has happened, and Jamie is pissed.

So, what does he do? He lights the cross to alert the men–it’s time for war and the men who took Claire better watch out. JAMIE FRASER IS COMING TO SAVE HIS GIRL!

What did you think of the Outlander season 5 penultimate episode? Tell us in the comments below!