Project Blue Book canceled: Does it deserve another chance?

History Channel has officially canceled two of its scripted series, Project Blue Book and Knightfall. Is it possible that the sci-fi show could be rescued?

History Channel has decided not to move forward with another season of their science fiction series Project Blue Book or their historical fiction show Knightfall, confirmed Deadline Hollywood. Both series got the ax today, much to the disappointment of their many fans.

Does Project Blue Book deserve another season? The series, which stars former Game of Thrones actor Aidan Quinn and The Vampire Diaries‘ Michael Malarkey, seemed to have amassed a loyal fan base during its brief two-season stint.

I thought the first season was okay but incredibly dry. Season 2 lost me with its boring take on the Roswell incident. But I’m not selfish enough to say that because I didn’t enjoy the show, others shouldn’t.

Many people are fascinated by UFOs and alien conspiracies, and there is a lot to consider and plenty of source material for the show to draw from, as we’ve seen.

The series is based on the real Project Blue Book, which was a study created in 1952 to investigate mysterious and unexplained incidents.

Fans of Project Blue Book are already rallying on social media to get the show saved.

The show’s creator, David O’Leary, tweeted the sad news on his account and assured fans that while History only wanted it to be a miniseries, they do plan on shopping the show to other networks.

Considering the second season of the conspiracy drama ended on a significant cliffhanger back in March — with Gillen’s Dr. Hynek searching for his colleague after he supposedly got blown up by an underwater explosion. It would be a shame if fans didn’t get to see their story come to a neat finish.

Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen in Project Blue Book

L-R Michael Malarkey as Michael Quinn and Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” “Operation Mainbrace” airs March 24 at 10 PM ET/PT. Photo by Liane Hentscher Copyright 2020

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Even if another network or streaming service doesn’t offer to save the show, it is possible a special finale episode could be aired, or perhaps even the writers could write a final script and get the actors together to read it.

Similar things have been done amid the lockdown by other shows, such as Amazon’s Good Omens. There’s no reason the creators can’t find a way to give audiences a real ending despite the unfortunate circumstances.

As for Knightfall, the odds of it getting saved are much slimmer. The show last aired in May 2019. Most people assumed it had already been canceled, the announcement from Deadline Hollywood just confirms the obvious.

Were you a fan of Project Blue Book? Are you hoping the show gets rescued? Make sure you make your voice heard on social media by using hashtags like #SaveBlueBook and #RenewBlueBook!

You can currently watch the first two seasons of Project Blue Book with a subscription to the History Channel app or by purchasing them through digital retailers like Amazon, Vudu, or iTunes.