Belgravia’s Jack Bardoe reveals whether he’d return for Season 2 and more

Pictured: JACK BARDOE as CHARLES POPE in Season 1, Episode 3 of BELGRAVIA - Courtesy of ITV/Carnival/Epix
Pictured: JACK BARDOE as CHARLES POPE in Season 1, Episode 3 of BELGRAVIA - Courtesy of ITV/Carnival/Epix /

Belgravia’s Jack Bardoe talks about Charles Pope’s feelings on his family, whether or not he would return for Season 2 and much more in our chat!

We’re just days away from the Season 1 finale of Belgravia, and there is so much at stake between all of the characters, but perhaps none more so than for Charles Pope, played by newcomer Jack Bardoe.

Jack was kind enough to chat with us about his work on the series and what it was like to play a character from the 1800s. He talked to us about Charles’s attraction to Maria Grey, the hardest part of getting into character, his complicated feelings for the Trenchards and Brockenhursts, and whether or not he would return for a possible second season!

Before accepting the role, were you a fan of the book or Julian Fellowes’s previous work on Downton Abbey?

Jack Bardoe: I had obviously heard of Downton Abbey but hadn’t seen it myself or read Belgravia before I accepted the role. Once I had accepted it, I read the novel and quickly became a fan. It’s very exciting to read a character you know you will soon play.

With Belgravia being your first-ever television role, do you think you’ll continue to pursue work on other period drama projects?

Jack Bardoe: It is definitely something I would love to return to if the right opportunity arrives. It’s a really special experience being on a period drama, nothing quite like it.

What were some of your favorite scenes to film on the show? Were there any actors or characters you wish you could have filmed more with as Charles?

Jack Bardoe: I loved the scenes which involved many cast members, like the big dinner scenes or party scenes. They are really great days on set. Long, as there is a lot to get through, but it’s wonderful to be on set with many different actors at once.

I always wished I had more scenes with Tamsin Greig. Anne is a wonderful character played so beautifully by Tamsin, and I wished there had been more time to see her interact personally with Charles.

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What do you think is so attractive to Charles about Maria Grey?

Jack Bardoe: I think he is attracted to her appetite for life. She shares his interest in the world and adventure beyond the life she was born into.

What kind of relationship do you think Charles would have had with Edmund and/or Sophia had they survived? How do you think he would take learning that his father did something so duplicitous to seduce Sophia?

Jack Bardoe: I think the relationships would obviously be strained by the precarious circumstances of his birth, but I think Sophia especially would have been a very loving mother. It would be terrible to learn his father deceived his mother, imagine if you found out your whole existence was based on a cruel trick.

Jack Bardoe in Belgravia
Pictured: JACK BARDOE as CHARLES POPE in Season 1, Episode 3 of BELGRAVIA – Courtesy of ITV/Carnival/Epix /

Do you think Charles would be more drawn to the Trenchard family or the Brockenhursts?

Jack Bardoe: I think Charles would probably be drawn more to the Trenchard family through his mother, especially if he did not think well of his father. The Trenchards were involuntarily given responsibility for Charles and did their utmost to protect and take care of him while to the Brockenhursts he may as well not even exist.

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Had Charles grown up knowing the full story of his parents, how do you think that might have affected him in his youth?

Jack Bardoe: It’s probably for the best that he did not know. It may have made him a very angry and resentful young man, feeling shunned and rejected due to his illegitimacy.

What did you find the most challenging part of playing a character living in the 1800s? What about the easiest part?

Jack Bardoe: I found it difficult to know what to do with my hat and cane all the time.

There seemed to be a particular etiquette with each situation for these two objects that needed to look entirely natural, and trying to remember all of it sometimes made you forget about the acting. Thankfully there were historical experts on set to help out. The easiest bits were shots of Charles walking, its great fun to stride out in those costumes.

Jack Bardoe and Ella Purnell in Belgravia
[L-R] JACK BARDOE as CHARLES POPE and ELLA PARNELL as LADY MARIA GREY in Season 1, Episode 3 of BELGRAVIA – Courtesy of ITV/Carnival/Colin Hutton /
Julian Fellowes

Were you one of the actors who believes there is more story to be told? Would you be interested in reprising your role as Charles Pope for a second season?

Jack Bardoe: I would love to revisit Charles in a second season, I think there is definitely more story to be told. It almost feels to me that you only begin to get to know Charles over the course of the first season.

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The Belgravia finale airs this Sunday night at 9/8c on EPIX. You can catch up on the first five episodes right now