The Walking Dead recap: Episode 16, ‘A Certain Doom’

In The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 16, the group tries to escape the walkers and Whisperers while Eugene hopes to Stephanie in time.

The long-awaited The Walking Dead Season 10 finale has finally arrived with plenty of screams and surprises. The group is surrounded by walkers knowing there are Whisperers about. Daryl and Kelly, Carol and Beatrice, Luke and Jules, and Jerry and Magna team up designating one to carry equipment and the other to protect them.

The equipment will need to go to the waiting wagon where it will play music to lead the walkers away and off a cliff.

Covered in walker guts the teams leave, moving with the walker horde while keeping their eyes open for Whisperers. As each team makes their way successfully they realize Carol and Beatrice have yet to make it through.

Carol spots and attempts to kill a Whisperer, however, fails as the dying Whisperer stabs Beatrice’s leg causing her to scream. The walkers surround and kill her.

To Carol’s surprise, Lydia donning her mother’s walker mask (that Negan had given her earlier before leaving himself) grabs the equipment and follows Carol to the others.

While the plan may finally be falling into motion Whisperers make their way inside, setting off traps Daryl and Carol had set earlier. Blockading the doors the rest of the group anxiously awaits for the walkers to be led away.

With the equipment on the wagon and music now playing the walkers are slowly led away. This is short-lived as Whisperers make their way to the wagon forcing the group to abandon it.

With the wagon destroyed Lydia offers to lead the walkers to the cliff which is undoubtedly suicide. But before they can even lead the walkers away they need to deal with the Whisperers.

Back inside Father Gabriel prepares to sacrifice himself so that the last of the group including Judith can escape. As Whisperers break through and attack, they gain the upper hand on Father Gabriel.

As he is about to be killed Maggie alongside the masked stranger from the last episode arrives to save him! The masked stranger remains a mystery for the rest of the episode.

The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 16 recap: Beta’s finale

As night falls, Beta begins to notice that several whisperers are being killed around him. When he suddenly spots Lydia he prepares to attack her.

To his surprise, Negan appears whispering, “Hey s%&*head,” in his walker mask and the two begin to fight. The fight is short-lived as Daryl pulls a sneak attack and rams two blades into Beta’s eye sockets! Ouch!

Having flashbacks of his memories with Alpha in a rather poetic and emotional scene, Beta welcomes death with open arms as he becomes surrounded by walkers. Both Negan and Daryl watch his demise when Negan appears to recognize Beta.

But when Negan asks Daryl, “Do you know who that a%^hole is?” to see if he recognized him too Daryl simply responds, “Yeah, nobody.”

Double ouch!

The next morning Carol without informing the others volunteers to lead the walkers off the cliff instead of Lydia.

As Carol is about to take that last step off the cliff Lydia saves her as the two hide behind a boulder to watch the walkers fall to their deaths. Lydia tosses her mother’s walker mask off the cliff embracing Carol with tears.

With The Whisperers finally defeated, the group reunites with each other and Maggie. The masked stranger is also present with Alden and Aaron.

The Walking Dead Episode Season 10, 16 recap: Eugene’s mission to meet Stephanie.

Eugene, King Ezekiel, Yumiko and The Princess have a rough start at the beginning of the episode. After Eugene’s bike chain snaps causing him to crash he begins to lose his sense of hope.

The ever-wise King Ezekiel convinces Eugene that they should not give up and continue to the checkpoint rather than give up. As the group arrives by nightfall, there seems to be no sign of Stephanie.

Unlike before Eugene feels a sense of confidence and claims that there have to be communities and people out there and that they will just have to keep looking. Be careful about what you wish for Eugene, for not long after armed soldiers in white armor, surround them forcing them to drop their weapons.

For fans of the comic books, these soldiers may appear familiar.

As unexpected as that was it was not the biggest surprise of the season finale.

Connie, who has been missing throughout season 10 is alive! Covered in mud and dirt, she scrambles to her feet before collapsing onto a road right as Virgil approaches.

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