‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 6 recap: Episode 1, ‘The End is the Beginning’

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 is off to an unexpected start as the fate of Morgan James is revealed, and a frightening new villain proves to be quite the adversary.

Fear The Walking Dead is back after more than a year away and last night’s Season 6 premiere reveals that we have quite the season to look forward to. The fifth season concluded on a cliffhanger of sorts as Morgan Jones’s (Lennie James) life hung in the balance after Virginia (Colby Minifie) shot him.

The Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere kicks off with the introduction of a new character, a new villainous character, I should say. He goes by the name Emile LaRoux (Demetrius Grosse), and has this charm about him reminiscent of Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). But the charm pales in comparison to the fear and power he demands. Which is why it comes as no shock that we find out fairly quickly that he is a bounty hunter, and collects the heads of the people he’s asked to find and kill.

The episode starts with him killing a man named Walter (Damon Carney), but a call from Virginia prompts him to begin his next mission–find and kill Morgan Jones.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1 recap: Where is Morgan Jones?

Don’t worry, folks. Morgan is very much alive, although he’s barely hanging on by a thread when we catch up with him. It’s been about 5-6 weeks since Virginia shot him, which makes me wonder–how the hell is he still alive? It’s almost as if he’s not in a sense given the flesh surrounding the bullet wound is rotting. So much so, that the walkers mistake him for one of their own and simply walk by him without attacking.

It’s a jarring feeling for Morgan to be invisible amongst a crowd of the walking dead that would normally jump at the opportunity to chomp on some human flesh. Along with his rotting flesh, Morgan’s eyes are bloodshot red (likely what health professionals call a subconjunctival hemorrhage) which only adds to the whole “I’m a pseudo-walker” look.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1 recap: Morgan meets Isaac

The Season 6 premiere introduces us to a new character by the name of Isaac (Michael Abbott Jr.) who also mistook Morgan as one of the walkers. But once that misunderstanding is cleared up, it’s obvious to Morgan that Isaac is a pretty solid dude. When Emile tracks Morgan down with the help of his dog, Rufus, it is Isaac that comes to the rescue. It’s a pretty solid favor for someone you just met who looks like they’re a decrepit vampire.

Oh, and he takes the bullet out of Morgan’s wound a bit later in the episode. Nice guys like him are hard to come by in the apocalypse, but it’s not enough to convince Morgan to befriend him.

In fact, Morgan wanted to part ways as soon as he could and was against the idea of helping Isaac get supplies to his pregnant wife. The fact that the walkers couldn’t pick up on Morgan’s human scent meant he could help Isaac out, but the guy just wasn’t interested.

Unfortunately for Isaac, the Morgan he saw in the videos wasn’t the same guy in front of him now. Morgan just simply wasn’t the nice guy he used to be anymore (and I’m not sure I have a problem with that).

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1 recap: Emile shows up again

Isaac was only momentarily able to direct Emile in the wrong direction as he showed up not long after Isaac was asking Morgan for help. The two of them were hiding out in a water tower that Morgan made his home, but thanks to Emile, the tower comes crashing down with both Isaac and Morgan in it.

Morgan isn’t able to pull the trigger and take Emile’s life when the opportunity presents itself, which makes us wonder if he truly can switch off his emotions like he is attempting to. Instead, he shoots him in the arm, and he and Isaac make a narrow escape in Emile’s truck.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1 recap: Isaac and Rachel’s hideaway, plus Emile returns (again)

They make their way to the spot that Isaac has hidden his very pregnant wife, Rachel (Brigitte Kali Canales), where matters only seem to worsen. Isaac’s plan involves Morgan walking through the crowd of the undead while he makes his way around through a safer, less congested area. Morgan’s deteriorating health (which should have killed him weeks ago due to the sepsis alone) causes him to lose strength, so Isaac has to come back in and help Morgan kill the walkers in the area.

For a guy that should not be alive, Morgan sure is kicking some major a**. I know this is a television show, but seriously, there’s no way he would survive that long in that condition–and be able to fight like that.

Right on schedule, Emile shows up once again promising death and destruction so Morgan cuts him a deal. In exchange for Morgan, he has to let Isaac and Rachel go with their newborn baby (yes, Rachel manages to have a baby in the middle of all of this). Emile reluctantly agrees that is until Isaac attacks him by surprise, and tries to take him down.

That turns out to be a failure, but Morgan the indestructible rises once again and literally decapitates Emile’s head off his body. Goodbye Good Morgan, Hello Ruthless Morgan. The guy does have a lot of stuff going on all at once–Emile, his dying body, and the fact that Isaac reveals he’s going to turn any minute because he was previously bitten. In fact, him bringing Morgan to the hideaway was for the purpose of recreating the area as a new place to live.

Morgan doesn’t seem all that interested, though…

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1 recap: The end is the beginning

After killing Emile and the birth of Isaac and Rachel’s baby, Morgan wakes up to find Rachel with the newborn (who has been named Morgan in his honor) and Isaac nowhere to be found. In the time Morgan has been passed out sleeping, Isaac died and Morgan’s wound was tended to. In fact, even his eyes are clear of any alarming redness.

Again, I feel like this is a loophole on their end because unless they have every medical supply they need, he can’t just miraculously be okay. The guy would have had to be septic AF after letting that wound fester and rot for over a month.

But I digress.

The Season 6 premiere ends on a pretty amazing note as Morgan dons Emile’s weapon of choice, an axe of epic proportions, and leaves a present behind for Virginia who shows up not long after. In the box Morgan leaves behind, it has Emile’s head but the box is marked with his name. For a moment, Virginia looks awfully happy until she realizes that it’s not Morgan’s head inside the box.

Pissed off beyond comprehension, Virginia radios Morgan with a threat–she doesn’t need him alive, she just needs everyone to think he is. And with that, if he ever shows up around his friends, he’s going to face her murderous wrath.

Sorry, Virginia, Morgan James can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because he’s dead. And the guy you’re dealing with now? He’s about to make your life a living hell.

…Was that a submarine at the end of the episode?

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