‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ recap: Episode 6 ‘Shadow Puppets’

In Episode 6 The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the group meets a young man asking for help and they must decide if he can be trusted.

Episode 6 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond opens interesting enough with Iris narrating about the world before the apocalypse, while shadow puppets of people move across the screen. The silhouettes change into empties as she explains that the apocalypse was the beginning for those born right before it started.

The scene jumps to the group encountering a young man named Percy, who claimed to be alone. Immediately Iris is attracted to him, which Silas notices equally as fast. Percy explains that he had his stuff stolen, and he was trying to get it back.

The group begins to like him as he tells them crazy stories about his apocalypse journey with what he calls has-beens until Hope notices the stories do not line up. Percy confesses that his stuff was stolen along with his truck.

Iris offers to help him get his truck back if he, in turn, drives them where they need to go. The group decides to help him, which Silas disagrees with multiple times. Elton leaves a message for Huck in spray paint, and the group journeys into a small deserted town.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 6 recap: It’s a trap

After they spot the truck, Percy and Felix attempt to take it while the rest stay behind, upon reaching the truck, the driver is dead, and the keys are missing.

Percy and Felix move into the building to retrieve them while Hope and Elton remain on watch, and Iris and Silas watch their belongings. While Elton and Hope wait, he tells her how he met her father before he left.

He encouraged Elton to finish his mother’s manuscript. While Elton meant well, this adds to Hope’s guilt. She is about to confess she killed his mother but decides not to.

Unable to stand by, Iris decides to go in through the back of the building to help. She finds Percy, and together they wander up the stairs finding a closed door that they assumed someone was behind. Percy takes the keys and wants to stay behind to grab his stuff. He convinces Iris to go ahead without him, but she hears a gunshot as she is leaving.

Meanwhile, the driver that was assumed dead steals their stuff and takes the truck. Iris finds Percy nowhere in sight and discovers that behind the closed door was actually an empty bathtub.

After realizing what is happening, Iris finds Percy leaving with his stuff and fails to catch him, falling into a dumpster. As Hope tries to run after the truck knowing Elton’s mother’s manuscript is in there, the rest try to rescue Iris as two empties approach her.

Felix kills the first, but then Percy returns to kill the second. As more empties make their way toward the group, the truck returns, and the group is saved. As the group rests, the truth is revealed. Percy and his uncle, who worked with all kinds of illusion entertainment in the past, never intend to hurt anyone when they gather supplies.

They were going to ditch them but returned when the empties showed up. Elton allows Hope to read his mother’s manuscript as he continues to add to the story. Iris is still unsure how she feels about Percy, and Felix gathers some interesting intel from the uncle. It turns out the truck has the same three-circle emblem like the one on Felix’s jacket.

They will need to refuel; however, the Civic Republic is close by. He asks Felix if his emblem can help get them out of trouble, and he replies (though rather unconvincingly), “Yes.” The group agrees to wait for Huck before going ahead now with two more in their group.

The episode ends where it began. The group watches a shadow puppet show of the world before the apocalypse, the apocalypse, and then the world begins anew. This last scene truly embodies what The Walking Dead as a whole is about. It’s about how the world thrives, ends but then thrives again.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Ted Sutherland as Percy, Nico Tortorella as Felix – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 6 recap: Final Thoughts

The group needed to encounter people on their journey. They will run into both good and bad people, and they need to make consecutive decisions about them. It was sweet to see Silas’s feelings for Iris grow, and hopefully Percy, and his uncle will remain allies.

However, it wouldn’t be surprising if Felix begins to accept that The Civic Republic military is not to be trusted. Speaking of the Civic Republic, will the group encounter them in the next episode and finally find out what happened back home? That horrific discovery could change everything for the group.

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The next episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond will air Nov. 15 on AMC.