Saved by the Bell Season 1, Episode 9 recap: Mac & Lexi help Daisy fight back

SAVED BY THE BELL -- "All In The Hall" Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) DeShawn Cavanaugh as Colt Cassidy, Belmont Cameli as Jamie Spano -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/Peacock)
SAVED BY THE BELL -- "All In The Hall" Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) DeShawn Cavanaugh as Colt Cassidy, Belmont Cameli as Jamie Spano -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/Peacock) /

In the penultimate episode of the rebooted Saved by the Bell’s first season, Daisy gets help from Mac and Lexi as she tries to fight for the Douglas High students.

The first season of Peacock TV’s Saved by the Bell reboot winds down with the penultimate episode, “All in the Hall,” which follows the aftermath of Jade’s announcement to fund a reformed Douglas High School. Jade’s real agenda is to get the Douglas kids out of Bayside, which many are against, having come to appreciate Bayside.

Jamie is taking the news particularly hard, as it means he’ll be separated from Aisha. In comparison, Aisha is rather jaded about the whole thing and thinks Jamie needs to chill out. She also tells Daisy she doesn’t care if they get sent back to Douglas, but Daisy knows that’s a lie. “Last time I checked, you love it here. You’re the quarterback of the football team, and you’re so popular the Bayside ‘Bugle’ has a weekly feature called ‘Aisha, she’s just like us.'”

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The good news is that Daisy, of course, has come up with a last-ditch effort to prevent the entire Douglas mess from happening. If they file a specific form within 60 days of a new charter school’s approval, it triggers an investigation of said institution. The problem is, the deadline for the form is that day. Luckily, Daisy has Mac and Lexi, who recently discovered empathy, on her side.

The trio head down to city hall and are dismayed to find a mile-long line stretching in front of them. It’s a good thing Lexi and Mac are master-schemers. Together, they con their way to the front of the line with 1 minute to spare before closing time.

But their luck ends there. The clerk is the same guy from the copy shop Daisy visited to get her posters made way back in the first episode and refuses to succumb to her “whole girl-changing-the-world-routine.” Since the form wasn’t actually in his hand by 3:00 p.m., he doesn’t accept it.

Devastated by the form fiasco, Daisy is ready to give up altogether. She and Aisha get into a fight when she learns Aisha worked with Slater to develop a plan that allows her to stay at Douglas for the rest of the semester — by joining the golf team on a Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Scholarship. Daisy is upset that Aisha would abandon her and then storms off to Toddman’s office to “smoke a doobie” and get herself expelled.

Luckily, Jamie, Mac, Lexi and Aisha find her before she can light it. Aisha tells Daisy that even though she’s mad right now, she shouldn’t give up and throw away her future. Daisy expresses her frustration that she hasn’t made a difference to anyone at the school, and none of it will matter when they get sent back to Douglas. The gang points out that that isn’t true. Daisy has helped all of them change and grow significantly since she showed up, and they’re going to help her fight to keep Douglas students at Bayside together.

Aisha and Jamie’s relationship doesn’t end on such a positive note. Panicked over Aisha’s impending departure, Jamie organizes the football team to put on an elaborate marriage proposal set-up for her. Although he later admits the entire thing was crazy, he did realize that Aisha doesn’t feel as strongly about him as he does about her. They make a mutual decision to end their relationship.

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Saved by the Bell Season 1, Episode 9 recap: DeVante & Principal Toddman visit the new Douglas.

DeVante overhears Principal Toddman promising Jessie and Slater that he will fight for the Douglas students if this new and “improved” school isn’t what Jade promises it will be. He volunteers to accompany Toddman on a tour of Douglas as the renovations get underway, and the two head out in Toddman’s car.

On the drive to the school, DeVante confronts Toddman on how he promised to fight for him before — when Tanner and Jade teamed up to get him expelled — but wound up just telling  Jade they would “put a pin” in the problem and circle back later.

Both Toddman and DeVante are impressed with how the renovations are coming along at Douglas High School. Then Toddman runs into one of the faculty members, a former friend of his he calls “D-Man,” and gets a dose of reality.

This whole thing is just yet another ploy in a long line of cons from white people trying to do a “good thing” by helping out an underfunded school and then ditching it later on after they get the glory, so it ultimately falls back into the same state of disarray. He doesn’t have any expectations for this latest “renovation.” He shows Toddman a row of framed pictures on the wall showing a similar scenario playing out repeatedly across the years.

This new perspective gives Toddman the courage to stand up to Jade, and he calls her out for her shameless cruelty and pandering. Hearing him, DeVante pulls Toddman away before he creates more of a mess, leaving an angered Jade behind for D-Man to deal with. On the car ride back to school, DeVante expresses his appreciation of Toddman’s speech by suggesting they stop by McDonald’s for one of the principal’s beloved Filet-O-Fishes.

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