Saved by the Bell Season 1 finale recap: Daisy stages a walkout protest

SAVED BY THE BELL -- "Showdown" Episode 109 -- Pictured: Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/Peacock)
SAVED BY THE BELL -- "Showdown" Episode 109 -- Pictured: Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/Peacock) /

In the Saved by the Bell Season 1 finale, Daisy stages a walkout protest in a last-ditch effort to keep the Douglas High students at Bayside.

In the Saved by the Bell Season 1 finale, the Douglas and Bayside kids unite to pull off a school-wide walkout in protest of Douglas reopening. Daisy masterminds the plan but needs assistance uniting the school’s many cliques behind a cause. Lexi and Jamie agree to take care of that.

What would really help is if Zack would come to the walkout and do something as governor to help nip this whole thing in the bud. Over family dinner, Mac brings up the problem, but his dad doesn’t seem too keen on doing it. That said, he does support keeping the Douglas kids at Bayside since new kids keep things fresh. (To Kelly: “Remember Tori?” “Who?”). Mac tells Daisy how great his dad is, but she doesn’t have as much faith in him. “Let’s just see if he actually shows up.”

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Meanwhile, Jamie and Lexi set up for a meeting with the school’s many groups. Lexi notices Jamie’s downtrodden disposition and accurately guesses he’s upset about Aisha. He thinks he’s lost his last chance at love. Oh boy. Lexi tells him how crazy that is, especially because every girl in school has a crush on him, including her. Jamie admits to thinking romantically about Lexi in the past too. The only reason he held back is because she used to be super mean, but she’s grown a lot since they were kids.

Among the staff, Slater starts to feel enlightened by all the protest talk and realizes he was unfair to Jessie during their high school years. He apologizes for belittling her and her many causes throughout high school, realizing that she was the only one who really knew what was going on.

Jessie appreciates his apology but feels like what she did back then was pointless since things haven’t much changed. Slater points out how untrue it is. This whole upcoming generation is a generation of Jessies! What’s more, is now she’s not doing things alone. He’s got her back.

Not long after Slater’s speech, Rene visits Jessie in her office with coffee in hand. She realizes he’s given her caffeinated coffee instead of decaf and is disappointed when she realizes he doesn’t care about her being caffeine-free for 30 years. Jessie reaches her breaking point with Rene and goes off on him for his selfishness and fake woke persona. It looks like they might be headed for divorce!

Back with Lexi and Jamie, things aren’t going so well. The different groups are happy to get behind the cause, but they all want to do the right thing in their own specific way. Fights break out across the cafeteria. DeVante is the one who comes up with a way to unite them all after gets between an Aisha/Daisy spat, and they both turn against him: unite everyone against a common enemy. And the only person capable of getting a huge group of people that angry in a short time is Lexi. She’ll have to harness all of her mean girl energy against the student body to make them hate her, even if it means turning back into the girl Jamie wasn’t as fond of.

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Dressed in a wicked witch-style black outfit, Lexi gives the group a verbal cutdown, and they rally for the walkout. Everyone shows up at the protest, including Zack. To the students’ dismay, however, all Zack does is present a mural of himself standing alongside the Bayside and Douglas students. It gives Mac a wake-up call about his father and his misguided priorities.

When confronted by Mac and Daisy, Zack admits he doesn’t want to kick the hornet’s nest of parents and boosters who help him get re-elected. If he doesn’t get re-elected, then he loses the helicopter rides and cushy perks. But even Zack realizes that’s not the right reason to be governor.

He finally steps up to the plate and announces that he’ll be signing an executive order that puts a three-year freeze on school openings and closings until they can conduct a thorough investigation into long-form reformation and education policies. The Douglas kids can stay at Bayside!

Aisha and Daisy really makeup and Daisy encourages Aisha to go after Jamie, who she has started to miss. But when she goes to find him so she can tell him her real feelings, she notices Jamie and Lexi kissing in the hallway. He thought that her willingness to make everyone hate her for a good cause was one of the coolest things she’s ever done.

Despite her sadness over seeing Jamie moving ok, Aisha still joins him and the rest of the group for celebratory milkshakes at The Max. There, Daisy tells Mac how happy she is with his dad’s decision and how she can’t wait to be a normal Bayside student. Mac agrees and then checks his phone. “What’s coronavirus?”

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