Big Sky Episode 5 recap: Is [SPOILER] really dead?


Big Sky Episode 5, which also doubles as the show’s mid-season finale, ended with a giant twist as a character seemed to be killed off once and for all.

The race is on to find the missing girls before they’re relocated in Big Sky Episode 5, which functions as the ABC show’s midseason finale.

We pick up right where we left off last week, with Rick ominously walking toward a sleeping Merilee with a hammer in hand. He envisions beating her with the hammer but thinks better of it. Instead of killing his wife, he’ll turn over a new-leaf, quit the sex-trafficking business for good — and try to be a better husband.

Ironically, Ronald is the one that encourages Rick to make a change for the better, but Rick doesn’t know that. All he knows is that Merilee spent time dancing with another man, and he didn’t like that one bit.

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Speaking of the girls, Jerrie, Danielle and Grace are harmonizing in the truck bed when Ronald interrupts to tell them they should prepare for the “first day of the rest of their lives,” whatever that means.

On his way out, Ronald notices a pair of tire tracks that didn’t come from his truck and broken glass.

He realizes someone else has been poking around the farmhouse and tips off Rick. It doesn’t take long for Rick to suggest that it might have been Cassie and Jenny. Regardless of it was them or not, he’s itching for a reason to get them off of their tail.

Elsewhere, Cassie has done some more digging into the mysterious farm that Rick continues visiting multiple times a day and found the original blueprints for the area. She tells Jenny that there is a secret underground area they missed the last time they were there. Since their tracker shows Rick is there right now, they decide now is the best time to attack.

Jenny tips off Sheriff Tubbs that she and Cassie have a potential lead, and he should meet them out there. He’s apprehensive about getting on Rick’s bad side, but ultimately cops swarm the place alongside Jenny and Cassie. The only thing they find is a pissed off Rick eating a sandwich. The girls have already been relocated to the pit stop by Ronald. Yet again, Rick has managed to stay one step ahead.

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As a punishment for their criminal tracking of  Montana State Trooper and the other laws Cassie and Jenny have broken on their investigation, Tubbs arrests them. But then Jenny steps up and takes the blame, so it’s only her who gets sent to jail while Cassie is able to stay on the case.

We return to the girls. Ronald is cleaning them up in preparation for their big move, and only now does he start to have a crisis of conscience as he asks Rick what’s going to happen to them when they’re moved.

Ronald’s nice act doesn’t last long. When he returns home, his mother accuses him directly of having something to do with the girls and wonders if he’s a pervert. He attacks her, choking her out until she’s on the verge of death and then stopping just shy of killing her.

Cassie starts to close in on Rick. She visits Merilee at the quilt store, and while Merilee doesn’t believe Rick has done anything nefarious, she tips Cassie off to the fact he’s a “creature of habit.” Cassie realizes he’s probably taken the girls to the pit stop he frequents and heads there just as Rick starts to prep the girls for transport.

Finally, Cassie rushes down to the basement and sees Rick at the bottom of the stairs. She pulls her gun on him as the girls cry out for help as best they can from the duck tape binding their mouths in the background. Cassie and Rick have a stand-off, and he tells her he’ll count to five before he either shoots her back, drops his weapon or puts his hand in the air.

He clearly doesn’t think Cassie has the guts to shoot him. But he only makes it to four before she shoots him in the head!

Big Sky Episode 5

Big Sky Episode 5: Is Rick really dead?

It’s fitting that Rick’s ending is similar to Cody’s. In the first episode, the last thing we saw was Rick shooting Cody in the head. Now, the last thing we’ve seen in this episode is him meeting a similar fate. But is Rick really dead?

Generally, a shot to the head isn’t something you recover from, but we’ve seen crazier on television. That said, I have a feeling this is the end of the line for Rick (thank God). When speaking to TVLine earlier this week, actor John Carroll Lynch was asked whether or not he was allowed to say if Rick died or not.

In response, Lynch said, “Am I allowed to say? I don’t know. I will say that whatever happens is appropriate for this character.”

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New episodes of Big Sky will return in January. Current episodes can be viewed on Hulu.