Equinox ending explained: What really happened to Ida & Astrid?

Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix
Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix /
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Equinox ending explained
Equinox ending explained — Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix /

Equinox ending explained: Lene made a deal with the Hare King to have Ida.

Unable to get pregnant, Lene, the woman we were led to believe was Ida and Astrid’s biological mother, made a deal with the Hare King to have a baby. In the show, the Hare King takes a human form in the guise of Henrik, the teacher who considered himself a mentor to Jakob, Ida and their friends. Lene knew this. The deal was that Lene would return Ida to Henrik when she turned 18.

Let’s pause here for a second and discuss Falke, Ida, Jakob and Amelia.

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Before the night when the 21 students disappeared, Jakob lured Falke, Ida and Amelia to a mysterious island he learned about from an old grimoire he stole from Henrik.

On the island, the teens witnessed a strange, cult ceremony from people who worshipped the Hare King. Ida was selected to be Ostara — and therefore the sacrifice — and the Hare King emerged from the woods to have sex with her, Rosemary’s Baby-style. Ida becomes pregnant. I want to note that Ida has sex with Jakob before the Hare King, though, so the baby may be his. It doesn’t really matter.

Okay, now we can return to the days before Ida went missing! Once Lene discovered that Ida was pregnant, she changed the deal to give up Ida’s baby instead of Ida, who she obviously had become quite fond of. Well, the problem is, Ida secretly got an abortion without her mother knowing, screwing up the entire thing.

When Lene finds out that Ida got rid of the baby, she panics, thinking Henrik will do something terrible because he’s angry that his sacrifice isn’t happening the way he planned. She’s right. Henrik causes Torben, the bus driver, to crash and takes all of the students and Ida away to his creepy, otherwordly den surrounded by orange mist, trapping them there inside the trees. It’s the same den that Astrid is haunted by throughout her entire life.