Which TV shows made Show Snob’s Weekly 10 list this week?

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Beef rolls off the Show Snob’s Weekly 10 this week, as it has been out a while on Netflix. Citadel, Amazon’s big-budget spy thriller, replaces Beef.

None of the other new premieres, (Love & Death, Saint X, Sweet Tooth, Fatal Attraction) unseated any of the current contenders.

1. Succession (HBO)

Succession holds the Number 1 ranking after another crazy episode. Watching Roman fire people is one of my favorite things to do each week.

Not to mention Kendall trying to be Steve Jobs, is just good TV. But Mattson (Alexander Skarsgård) rages and rantings are getting almost as good as Logan’s.

2. Yellowjackets (Paramount+/Showtime)

Had the week off.

3. The Diplomat (Netflix)

There is a lot to like in The Diplomat, but one of the best parts about it is that Keri Russell’s character is not always right. She makes mistakes at a very serious level.

Maybe the only criticism of the show is that it doesn’t finish this season’s story. The cliffhanger is great, but huge and almost doesn’t feel like the end of the season, kind of a half-season.

4. Barry (HBO)

It seems like Bill Hader is trying to see how many absurd things he can squeeze into each episode of Barry. And it is working really well.

Barry jumps to 4 this week after a great episode that included a gay mafia breakup, death by sand, a SWAT team raiding a Dave & Busters, Academy Award Winner Sian Heder directing a science fiction movie casted with supermodels, and an ending that goes “HUH?”.

5. Mrs. Davis (Peacock)

Mrs. Davis makes a huge jump to Number 5 this week after a great episode. The whole explanation that the Holy Grail is like a supernatural child and the lengths that the handlers are forced into to keep it happy, were funny and a great twist.

The next step of the journey sounds absolutely wild. I don’t know who I like more, the nun or Wiley.

6. Lucky Hank (AMC)

When Hank’s wife goes to New York to find an apartment, Hank gets a taste of what life looks like without Lily. He needs to deal with his daughter’s paranoia about her missing husband, a leaky water facet, his father who is dealing with dementia, and teachers who want to strike.

It is a lot for a guy to deal with, who isn’t used to dealing with anything. The classes with his students are always good for a laugh.

7. The Power (Amazon)

The Power drops a couple of spots this week as they had a bit of a lost episode. It seemed like they are transitioning into something big, so I’ll be excited for next week.

But the show focused mostly on Eve (who is an important part of the book and story), but it really didn’t take the plot to the next level.

8. Citadel (Amazon)

Produced by the Russo Brothers, Avengers created and written by David Weil (Hunters, Invasion), starring Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Quantico), Amazon pulled out all the stops for Citadel. Taking a cue from the Jason Bourne series, this show is about super spies (Citadel employees Madden and Jonas), whose memories are wiped.

But they need to come back to the office to stave off a threat to worldwide freedom by an evil entity called, Manticore. Fast paced and interesting.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Stanley Tucci is awesome.

9. Florida Man (Netflix)

Is this show a con game, a mystery, or a love story? You can decide while everyone is trying to con everyone else out of $100 million of gold.

One thing is for sure, you won’t want to stop watching because the end of every episode has a little cliffhanger to keep you rolling. Funny, fun, and entertaining.

Viewer beware: They make fun of Florida a lot. If you are Florida sensitive, discretion is advised.

10. The Big Door Prize (AppleTV)

It is season 1 episode 7, and all of the sudden, we meet the funniest character of the series. Xander; drug dealing, under-achiever, and stoner, lights it up (literally) this week.

While Dusty tries to decide who his wife is in love with, we try to figure out what Giorgo’s angle is. It is sometimes hard to understand how heartfelt this show is when you are laughing so loud.

Great Shows That Didn’t Crack the Top 10 That You Need to Know About

  • Firefly Lane: Viewer beware: they gave Mularkey cancer at the mid-season break and it is pretty much all the final episodes are about
  • Single Drunk Female: Dave, just about to crack the Top 10
  • Somebody Somewhere: If you don’t know Bridget Everett comedy you need to watch this show
  • Sweet Tooth: Probably best family show out there right now, though Neighborhood is still airing
  • Slip: You definitely haven’t seen a show like this before
  • Rabbit Hole

Wait and See

  • Fatal Attraction: Joshua Jackson from Dr. Death playing the Michael Douglas role
  • Saint X: We’ll have to see if this soap opera can catch fire
  • The Last Thing He Told Me: I want to like anything Jennifer Garner does so badly
  • Ted Lasso: best show in a while this week, but not a great season
  • Love and Death: come on Jesse Plemons
  • The Company You Keep
  • Gotham Knights

Don’t Wait and Don’t See

  • Dead Ringers
  • Superman and Lois
  • True Lies
  • Die Hart

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