When Barry met Sally: The best moments from HBO’s Barry, Season 2


The second season of HBO’s Barry ended with a shocking twist. This season was a buildup to Barry and Sally’s biggest moments ever. How they responded revealed a lot about their personal growth.

Bill Hader’s Barry was out for vengeance in the second season’s finale. The build-up to the finale was exceptional, building on a strong debut season. While Barry is here to stay, some of the season’s best moments came at the expense of other characters lives. That’s the nature of the murder for hire lifestyle after all.

Barry wants to be an actor. However, his killer instinct runs too deep; he has killed for far too long.

Sally is the sad cut rate actress that feels played by Hollywood’s cut-throat industry. She is becoming a worn down, beaten women, much like her last relationship. Sally and Gene need to move on, but for different reasons.

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Sometimes the hardest truths to tell are the one’s you should be telling yourself. It’s tough to listen to yourself when you lack confidence. It leads to falling apart in the biggest moments. Sally crashed on the stage. Barry relapsed on his blood-thirsty outburst.

NoHo Hank is still the most cheerful gangster in television history. Crime is just a business. The inherent dirt of the job does not stop NoHo Hank from being delightful and fashionable while working. He embodies being happy in one’s role.

Barry, Sally and Gene think they could be better people and get down on themselves over things they cannot control. They then lash out at others. To their credit, none have given up on their dreams of being a person they could respect. Doing the right thing takes initiative and motivation. Barry, the show and character, has those two driving forces leading into the third season.

Barry had to snuff out a tae-kwon-do master due to a scorned lovers’ jealousy. Barry did not have to debate whether he could kill a child though. That kid was ruthless, a ferocious adversary unlike any adult human Barry ever encountered. And it was hilarious.

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Barry is still dealing with the weight of his past burdens, but has a bright future going forward. He might even score the lead in a new production in season three.

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