4 questions we still have after the Pretty Little Liars: Summer School finale

Most of the loose ends have been tied up, but there's still a few things on our mind.
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The Pretty Little Liars: Summer School finale delivered, in some ways at least. And like the first season, Original Sin, it did a good job of tying up most loose ends but left us with a big cliffhanger at the same time. And so because of that, we have 4 questions still on our minds after the PLL: Summer School finale. SPOILERS from episode 8, "Chapter Eighteen: Final Exam," below.

  • What was the point of the storyline with Mouse's grandmother?
  • How did Wes actually survive ?
  • Did Archie really kill Dr. Sullivan's son, Sebastian?
  • Are Faran and Greg in a relationship?
Malia Pyles as Mouse in PLL Summer School episode 203 on Max
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Ok, let's dive into the first one and that's about Mouse's grandma. Sorry, but she literally had no reason to be in this season other than someone who's watching Mouse while her mothers are away on vacation. So we see her grandmother on SpookySpaghetti, forget things, and apparently was a friend of Rose Waters (RIP). It all felt like this was leading somewhere, but nope. It literally lead nowhere. I'm trying to think back on what the point of grandma Lola was, and I can't think of any. Did I miss something? I don't think so. She contributed absolutely nothing to the story. Sorry grandma, nothing against you as a character. But as someone introduced in the story, nada.

My next question is just nagging at me, and I'm sorry I'm not over it. How in the world did Wes actually survive having a pitchfork run through him a la Tabby? It makes absolutely no sense. I mean, can't someone just stay dead on this show? And I know. I know. The original Pretty Little Liars series was notorious for doing this too. But I mean, come on! He's now arrested alongside Mrs. Langserry, who is Bloody Rose, but I have no idea how he's still alive is all I can say.

Bailee Madison as Imogen and Annabeth Gish as Dr. Sullivan in PLL Summer School episode 207 on Max
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In her final moments when Archie barges into her office, Dr. Sullivan asks whether he's the one who really killed her son, Sebastian. She's had a feeling, mother's intuition, but never got confirmation. Of course Archie didn't respond to her, and proceeded to stab her several times. Bye, Dr. Sullivan. Now I have a theory, and hear me out on this. What if Archie really is dead like they mentioned in the prison riot and this is like an Archie impersonator? What if the person who killed Dr. Sullivan is her son Sebastian? I mean, weirder things have happened on this show. It's just that there's no reason for them to mention her son if it didn't contribute to the bigger picture. Unless it's like Mouse's grandma I guess.

Finally, the last question that's still on my mind is whether Faran and Greg are dating. At their final therapy session and during the episode, all the girls gave an update on their love lives except for Faran. Imogen and Johnny have called it quits after she locked him in the freezer thinking he's the new "A" (oops), it seems like Tabby and Christian are still together, Noa and Jen have began a relationship, and it was established earlier that Mouse an Ash are still going strong even though we didn't see him in the finale. But Greg isn't mentioned in the last episode so are he and Faran in a relationship, or is he perhaps just going to be a short summer fling?

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