Dark Matter ending explained: The Dessen family leaves a Jason-infested world behind

Episode 9, "Entanglement," serves as the finale of the first season of the Apple TV+ series. Here's how it all came to an end.
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The Dark Matter season 1 finale is here, and honestly it was a bit of a disappointment. I won't get into my thoughts about this in detail here, but you can read my review on why I think so. We're here to talk about the ending and what happens in the finale. Here's our Dark Matter ending explained.

In episode 9, "Entanglement," there's now at least over 40 different Jasons who have infested OG Jason's reality, and all of them are out to get his family thinking they have dibs on them. But Daniela and Charlie obviously just want their Jason. They're not going to take turns or have all these Jasons face off in a lottery system, as some of them suggested in the message board. They're all a bit unhinged, and it's clearly not safe for the Dessen family to stay here anymore.

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One of the Jasons who I like to call "Rogue Jason" gets his hands on Jason2, beats him up, and ties him to the stairwell. Finally after eight episodes, Jason2 gets a dose of reality and realizes the huge mess and hurt he's created. He admits he thought Jason would love his life, and what a joke. But he does learn from his mistake I guess. Though I don't think he's redeemed at all.

Anyway, because of his new realization he actually helps Jason, Daniela, and Charlie escape the other Jasons. Some of which are violent. A couple of them are even around the house they found refuge in and started killing off the other versions of themselves. But Jason2 apologizes and the family realizes their only way out now is to go into the Box and build a life somewhere new. While the multiples of Jason, and Jason2, are there to say goodbye - and some try to stop them - they're eventually let through. Charlie chooses where the Dessen's are going to go, and that's how the show ends.

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The series doesn't show us where Jason, Daniela, and Charlie end up. And so it's kind of up to us viewers to imagine what kind of reality they end up in. Or, I mean they have so many ampules. Perhaps that one isn't the perfect one they want to set roots in and they wind up back in the Box again. I don't know. It's left to our interpretation. Elsewhere before we cut to black, one of the Ryan's is shown but I'm not sure if he's the OG Ryan that Jason2 left behind in another reality or if he's the same one who meets Amanda in her almost perfect world. That wasn't clear to me.

Plus, Blaire is finally brave enough to get back into the Box to try and go back home. Or again, maybe she's going to find a different one now. The Leighton in Jason's world is still going and travelling around in the Box while the Leighton of Jason2's world is not shown. Though it's implied he's still lost in there as we see Dawn monitoring the area.

I do wish the last episode was a bit more dramatic. I feel like everything came to an easy end for the Dessen's. And yes Jason2 feels bad, but I don't think he got what he deserved after everything he did. So yes, that is how this Dark Matter story ends. We don't know if a season 2 is going to happen yet. I guess there's some questions and places the tale could go. But I think this is a good enough conclusion. What do you think?

All nine episodes of Dark Matter are now streaming on Apple TV+.

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