Dark Matter episode 8 is the best one yet! (Review)

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* SPOILERS for episode 8 below *

Jason is back in his reality, he finally reunites with Daniela and Charlie, and Jason2 isn't the only problem anymore. For me personally, I think Dark Matter episode 8 is the most interesting and best one so far of the season. With just one more episode left, the finale streaming next week on June 26, 2024, we'll see how things play out then. But for now, here's what happened in "Jupiter" and what I thought about it.

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Adding in more Jasons raises the stakes

As we saw last week in episode 7, Jason finally makes it back to his world and Jason2 is aware of it. For a moment at the start of episode 8 when Jason2 kills who we think is Jason, I had a mini heart attack moment. Because at this point there's only two Jasons that could be in one reality. Or so we thought!

There's one version of Jason who wants revenge on Jason2, and he tries attacking him. But Jason2 is stronger and ends up killing him instead. Then, there's another one whe first comes across Jason at the bar and the two discuss the multiverse phenomenon that's going on right now. It's a good scene that simply explains to us viewers what in the heck is happening to help us follow along. And it works effectively.

This Jason is out for blood, and follows Jason2 and Charlie to the University of Chicago where they're taking a tour of the school. In the bathroom, Jason2 kills yet another version of himself. I knew he was nasty, but it takes a certain kind of someone to be able to do that to themselves. Like, even if this is another version of you. That's kind of scary. It just proves yet again how far Jason2 is willing to go and how desperate he is to hang on to this reality he's stolen. But it all comes crumbling down in his stupid face. Yes, I know, Very mature of me.

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Daniela knows what's up

Daniela is super suspicious of who she thinks is her husband, even though she doesn't have a plausible explanation. But she's starting to put some of the puzzle pieces together. It's confirmed that the Ryan Jason2 brought back is another version who's a mechanic in his world. Poor guy. No matter what reality he's in, Jason2 manages to hurt him. But clearly as we saw when Jason2 first arrived, he has no warm feelings towards Ryan for whatever reason in their reality.

Anyway, she goes back to the storage unit and finds pictures of her, Charlie, and Jason on a phone as well as lots of money in different currency. Just as she's trying to put it all together, she gets a call to bail Jason out. Yes, the Jason. Her actual husband! He got himself arrested on purpose so he could talk to her without Jason2 knowing, and that was just a such a smart idea on his end. They're finally reunited and she knows the truth, but Daniela is a bit freaked out. As one would be. I just felt bad for Jason because after all this time and finally making it back, Daniela doesn't let him touch her so he continues to wait and asks her to meet him at the Bean using their code word, "Jupiter."

She goes back home and Jason2 is frazzled after what happened at the University of Chicago. He wants to flee and asks Daniela and Charlie to pack. But she pushes him down the stairs in the basement, you go girl, and runs out with Charlie. Apparently there's another two Jasons around and I've lost track a bit now how many versions of him there are. But finally, Daniela and Charlie manage to make it to the Bean and Jason gives his son a relieved and warm hug. Yay! That makes my heart so happy.

Joel Edgerton as Jason and Jennifer Connelly as Daniela in Dark Matter on Apple TV+
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Grading Dark Matter episode 8

Most of the Dark Matter episodes have been great, but honestly "Jupiter," has been my very favorite so far. I just feel like it was exciting, I could feel the nerves and adrenaline rushing through the characters, there are the reveals we've been waiting for, and so much more. It also moves the story along.

Dark Matter episode 8 really delivers when it comes to the story, character realizations, and sets up the finale perfectly. Episode grade level: A+. Be sure to come back next week as we review the final episode on Wednesday, June 26, 2024. What did you think of the penultimate episode?

Dark Matter streams new episodes Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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