Does Pretty Little Liars on Max need a season 3 after Summer School?

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I'll be honest. I wasn't the biggest fan of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (the first season) overall, and didn't have high hopes for season 2 titled Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. I thought the show was alright, but it wasn't a favorite of mine. However, Summer School has proved to be not so bad at times. Though I do feel like sometimes the episodes have been stretched out because they need to be filled with content. And so with that in mind, is a season 3 going to be necessary? SPOILERS from episode 8 below.

Max has not announced yet whether this version of the PLL franchise has been renewed or cancelled. But with the finale now streaming, we're wondering if a third season should happen. In Original Sin, most of the storylines were actually wrapped up quite nicely, except for the cliffhanger that Chip was knocked out by Archie and we didn't know if he was dead or not. Spoiler alert, he is. But other than that, the first season really did bring a satisying conclusion. So even if a second season wasn't going to happen, it would have been fine. And now, I feel the same about moving forward following PLL: Summer School.

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I don't think a Pretty Little Liars season 3 is necessary, honestly. Just like its predecessor, this installment has also come to a satisfying conclusion. With the twists and turns that came our way, this chapter is done and over. You would think, how many times could the same group of girls be terrorized by "A?" But I mean, the original PLL series did go on for seven seasons. So, they made it work.

I feel like if the creative team really wanted to draw out this story more, they could find a way especially with Archie seemingly still alive. But I don't think they should. Though co-creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is actually hopefully they'll get renewed. Here's what he told Deadline in an interview when asked whether any PLL original cast members might make an appearance if a third season happens:

"Should there be a Season 3, and we’re so hopeful, I think it would just have to feel totally organic and right."

So it sounds like they have an idea of what a potential season 3 storyline could be. Pretty Little Liars: Summer School actually exceeded my expectations and I think there's interesting plot lines that happened. But the Bloody Rose and Wes reveal wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped. So because of this, I don't think the series should be drawn out even more. I believe the franchise should end with Pretty Little Liars: Summer School and a third season is not necessary. We'll see if Max agrees with me. What do you think?

The full season of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is now streaming on Max.

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