PLL: Summer School episode 3 preview: It's Mouse's Sweet Sixteen, but does Bloody Rose crash the party?

The new episode streams Thursday, May 16, 2024 on Max.
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It's almost time for a new episode of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School! The first two of the season premiered last week, and now the series will be moving to one new episode released weekly Thursdays on Max. And ahead of the new installment, we're taking a look at what we can expect. We've got the details we know below!

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Episode 3 release date and time

PLL: Summer School episode 3, titled "Sweet Sixteen," will begin streaming Thursday, May 16, 2024 starting at 12 a.m. PT on Max. That's a pretty late night for those of you on the west coast, and an even later one for other parts of the U.S. Check out the release times below:

  • Pacific: 12 a.m. PT
  • Eastern: 3 a.m. ET
  • Central: 2 a.m. CT
  • Mountain: 1 a.m. MT

I'll be honest, I don't think I'm going to have it in me to stay up that late. Even if it is only for one episode. Since it's a Thursday release, that does mean it's a workday for most of us. And while I'm a fan of the show, that doesn't mean I'm going to lose on my sleep for it. That's ok. It's something to look forward to after work then! What about you?

What is the episode about?

Unfortunately Max hasn't released an official synopsis for episode 3, though we have a few photos below. Plus, there's actually a new trailer that shows us glimpses of what's to come next for the rest of the season. Now which parts are from the third episode, that we don't know yet. But it's still an exciting look ahead!

Let's start with the new trailer. At the 1-minute mark, there's a card, presumably from "A," that reads "Happy Birthday Mouse." Since the title of the new Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode is "Sweet Sixteen," (and a promotional photo confirms this, more on that below) she's the little liar who will be celebrating her birthday. Plus, did you notice the girls' beautiful '80s outfits? That's from the episode too! Check out the video below:

Mouse is featured in this first promotional image, talking to someone on the phone while her boyfriend Ash is close by. Is she inviting her friends to her birthday party? What kind of plans are there? Well, some more exciting images give us a hint!

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As you can see below, Noa is beautifully dressed up in her '80s gear with a sign behind her reading "Happy Sweet Sixteen Mouse!" And in the photo we shared above with Imogen, Tabby, and XXX, you can see the gorgeous gals as well. They're all in a roller skating rink, and I'm going to give you a little spoiler since I've been able to see the episode in advance. The first give have been made available to press. The birthday party is Xanadu themed. The movie, starring Olivia Newton-John, is an '80s disco film that featured skating. And it's honestly the funnest theme!

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I won't reveal what's going to happen, but based on the photo of Bloody Rose below perhaps she's not going to leave the girls to their festivities. Is she going to crash Mouse's big day? It kind of seems like it.

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Also excuse you, Bloody Rose. But what are you doing to Imogen!? The villain of the season has the pretty little liar by the throat and is holding up a knife, getting right close and personal to her face. This would be the first time that Blood Rose has gotten this close to one of the girls. Run, Imogen. Run!

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Courtesy: Max /

It certainly seems like Summer School episode 3 is going to be jam-packed. While it looks like it'll be fun for a while, as we know with this show. It's not going to last long. Ahead of the episode dropping on Max, we also provided a quick refresher on what happened last week. Check it out below!

What happened in the PLL: Summer School premiere

Episode 1: A lot went down in the first episode of the season, especially in the first few minutes. The loose ends from Original Sin were tied up, and that includes Archie killing the last of his victims before he's caught by authorities. He eventually receives the death penalty, much to the relief of the girls. Imogen is having trouble letting go of her baby, who's actually adopted by a gay couple rather than Ezra and Aria from the original Pretty Little Liars series. Tabby made a revenge film about Chip, which has been rejected by all the film festivals. Faran isn't too interested in dance anymore, but she's lying about it. Noa has been staying with Shawn's family while her mom is in rehab, but there's tension between her and his mom. Finally, Mouse is going on an obsessed search down Spooky Spaghetti. Finally, the girls are attending therapy sessions with Dr. Anne Sullivan, and the new villain of the season is introduced - Bloody Rose. And oh, yeah. They all need to attend summer school. Boo!

Episode 2: The girls are less than thrilled about having to be in summer school, so Dr. Sullivan suggests they make the best of it since it's only a couple of hours of their day. They each get a summer job, and perhaps some new flings for some of the characters are in store. Imogen gets a job under a false name at a diner near where her dad lives outside of Millwood; Tabby is still at the theater and is introduced to the newest hire, Christian; Noa and Shawn's relationship might get complicated when ex-flame Jennifer pops up and is working alongside Noa at the pizza shop; Faran is a badass amongst the boys as captain at the pool and I guess her and Henry are still good (for now at least); and Mouse is working at her mothers' pawn shop while she and Ash are still going strong. There's also Kelly and Greg who are still together, and she convinces him to join she and her mother's new church. Finally, the episode ends with Bloody Rose killing Kelly's nemesis, Sandy, and then Mouse gets a creepy video call from Bloody Rose herself.

New episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School stream Thursdays on Max.