Spoiler: Are Colin and Penelope together by end of Bridgerton season 3 Part 1? (Yes, the carriage scene happens!)

The couple of the season does in fact get together by the end of the first half. How did it all come about? Plus, details about that carriage scene (yes, it does happen in Part 1!).
Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024
Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

The first half of Bridgerton season 3 has definitely not wasted any time. It's been a jam-packed first four episodes, and a lot has happened already. Especially when it comes to Penelope and Colin! Now the question on all of our minds of course is whether these friends have become lovers yet? The answer is, yes!

Now whether you haven't watched all the episodes yet and are looking for a quick answer for reassurance, or you need a quick recap on what happened between the lovely couple in season 3 part 1, I've got your back. But of course, beware of SPOILERS below. And if you'd like a full review of episode 1, check it out here.

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Breaking down Penelope and Colin's relationship in Part 1

The first episode of the season picked up from where we left off in season 2, and showed us Colin's new look and personality, how Penelope is still angry at him and eventually confronts him about his hurtful words, and how the two came to an agreement for Colin to coach her in the ways of all things charm. It's shook on, and all. In episode 2, the lessons begin and poor Penelope really does need all the help she can get. But Colin is patient and very kind to her. We get some "lessons," but I put them in air quotes.

To be honest, I thought we'd actually get more of them. I feel like they went by so fast and we didn't actually see lessons. It was more of moments between Penelope and Colin, which is of course is important. But I didn't see the teaching. Colin and Penelope have their first charged moment when he catches her reading his journal on his desk. He's angry and accidentally knocks down a glass lantern, which causes him to cut his hand. Penelope is there to the rescue, and bandages it up for him. The two look into each other's eyes and have an intense moment before it's broken. Let the sparks begin!

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Towards the end of the episode, their secret is already revealed and that's what I mean by this going a bit fast. Of course everyone in the ton is being judgmental about Penelope needing help in speaking with suitors. It's also scandalous for the two to be working alone together. She's definitely put through the wringer emotionally. This is one of Penelope's lowest points. Now, she's given up and is desperate. When Colin comes to check on her later that night, she asks him for to do something - kiss her. She says she doesn't want to die having never been kissed. He agrees, and at first it's simple. But then the two go in for more, and you can see that first spark start for Colin and the realization hits him. He might have feelings for one of his closest friends.

Episode 3 starts with a dream of Colin has of he and Penelope kissing once again. He's definitely starting to feel feelings for her. The two speak after a week, and they're awkward in an endearing way. Penelope says they should stop their lessons now that the ton knows about them. And after staying away from society for a bit, she's still determined to find herself a husband. We see her and Lord Debling hit it off, and it's funny to have a vegetarian in this time and no one understands the poor guy.

The lessons have clearly worked, but Penelope also allowed herself to be herself. Colin sees the two of them, and you can feel the jealousy. When he asks his mom about the foundation of love being friendship, she agrees it is. That's how she and Edmund started out, after he was brave enough to ask. And she subtly hints that Colin should do the same. When he walks up to Penelope to tell her about his feelings, that's the moment Lord Debling walks back with lemonade and he and Penelope share a dance.

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In the fourth episode, the last of Bridgerton season 3 Part 1, Lord Debling calls on Penelope and the two keep getting closer. When at first we thought Lord Debling would be great candidate, he's looking for a practical match more than a love one since he has his research and it takes him away fro long periods of time. At first Penelope is happy with this, wanting her freedom to continue writing Lady Whistledown. When she asks him if he thinks love might grow though, he tells her he doesn't know. She's a romantic at heart, and starts to question whether she'd accept his proposal.

Ultimately, she decides she will but Colin kind of ruins things for her. While she and Lord Debling are dancing, Colin interrupts and is all jealous, explaining why he's not right for Pen. The suitor realizes the two have feelings for each other, breaking it off. This is the closest Penelope has gotten to a proposal, and of course she's very upset. She leaves and gets in her carriage, but Colin runs after the carriage and asks to come inside.

And here we get the infamous carriage scene actors Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton have been teasing! Colin finally admits that he has feelings for her. Very strong ones in fact. "These past few weeks have been full of confounding feelings. Feelings like the total inability to stop thinking about you. About that kiss." It's everything Penelope has been dreaming of hearing from him, and things get very hot and heavy suddenly in that carriage. I was not expecting all of that. Woah!

When the carriage reaches his house, Colin makes a decision right then and there. As he gets out of the carriage, he asks if she's coming down with him. Penelope is confused, saying his family will see them together. And that's when we get the moment we've all been waiting for, folks: "For God's sake Penelope Featherington, are you going to marry me or not?" And we're left with that cruel cliffhanger until June 13!

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What could happen next for the couple in Part 2?

If you keep the credits going when episode 4 ends, you'll be treated to a trailer of Bridgerton season 3 part 2! So it looks like Penelope does indeed accept Colin's proposal and the two continue to get closer physically as well., But now she's facing a dilemma. He still doesn't know she's Lady Whistledown, and Colin is definitely not the author's biggest fan.

And while Eloise has kept quiet, she's not going to anymore now that her brother's heart is at stake. Plus, there's even more pressure on Penelope with Queen Charlotte putting out a bounty. Whoever finds out who Lady Whistledown is will get a £5,000 pound reward. There looks to be so much more drama coming our way. Will Penelope find a way out of all of this? I have a feeling things are about to escalate and get out of hand, Bridgerton style. What do you think?

Bridgerton season 3 Part 1 (aka the first four episodes) is now streaming on Netflix.

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