Sunny episode guide: Everything to know about the new dark comedy on Apple TV+

The dark comedy starring Rashida Jones premieres Wednesday, July 10, 2024 with the first two episodes.
Courtesy: Apple TV+
Courtesy: Apple TV+ /

There's many robot stories out there, and the most recent one coming up soon is Sunny on Apple TV+. The series premieres Wednesday, July 10, 2024 with the first two episodes, which will be followed by one new installment each week. The finale of the 10-episode season is set for Wednesday, Sept. 4. Check out the release schedule below:

  • Episode 1, “He’s in Refrigerators” - July 10
  • Episode 2, “Don’t Blame the Machine” - July 10
  • Episode 3 - July 17
  • Episode 4 - July 24
  • Episode 5 - 31
  • Episode 6 - Aug. 7
  • Episode 7 - Aug. 14
  • Episode 8 - Aug. 21
  • Episode 9 - Aug. 28
  • Episode 10 - Sept. 4

The series, which is based on the book The Dark Manual by Colin O'Sullivan, is centered around Suzie. She's just lost her husband and son in a plane crash, but there might be more to the accident than meet's the eye. Not knowing what her husband, Masa's true job was, she's given a robot - Sunny - to have around from his company. Eventually Sunny grows on her, and actually might be able to help Suzie figure out what really happened to her family and uncover "the dark truth" about the heartbreaking event, per the synopsis.

And as you can see in the trailer above, there isn't just drama in this show. There's a lighthearted element as well which I think always makes a good balance. Apple TV+ has also shared the synopses of the first two episodes that are coming out on premiere day:

  • Episode 1: "In near-future Kyoto, Suzie grapples with extreme grief and receives a domestic robot to help her through."
  • Episode 2: "As she tries to figure Sunny out, Suzie unearths memories of her husband Masa."

I'll be honest. Stories about robots and this near-future technology stuff isn't really my cup of tea. But, the dark comedy does sound interesting. I think the fact that there's drama, comedy, and a mystery all tied into one tale is intriguing and will help make the show a success. So I'm definitely willing to give it a try!

Sunny stars Rashida Jones as Suzie, who also serves as an executive producer on the project. Joining Jones onscreen are Hidetoshi Nishijima as Masa; Judy Ongg as his mother Noriko; Jun Kunimura as roboticist Yuki; annie the clumsy as Suzie's friend Mixxy; and Joanna Sotomura as the voice of Sunny. The production is set in Kyoto, Japan, and the cast actually filmed in the country as well.

Sunny premieres Wednesday, July 10 with the first two episodes on Apple TV+.

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