Ready for a new week? Here's what to watch on streaming! (July 8 - July 14, 2024)

Here's 9 new shows and seasons for you to check out this week.
Courtesy: Starz
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Ah. Just like a new month, a new week also brings with it new releases that we're looking forward to. I will say that's the one exciting thing about a Monday. Though it's not the day we look forward to after the weekend, having to go back to school or work, at least that does mean there's new streaming releases. Below, we shared 9 new shows and seasons coming to streaming this week, July 8 - July 14, 2024!

For more information about each series mentioned, click on the link it's attributed to above. Though below, we did highlight three shows on various streamers that we're especially looking forward to.


Stream on: Wednesday, July 10 on Apple TV+

Apple TV+'s catalog continues to grow with the latest addition being the dark comedy series, Sunny. The new production has a total of 10 episodes, with the first two dropping Wednesday, July 10, 2024 on the streamer. They will be followed by one new episode weekly until the finale on Sept. 4. We shared the episode release schedule below:

  • Episode 1, “He’s in Refrigerators” - July 10
  • Episode 2, “Don’t Blame the Machine” - July 10
  • Episode 3 - July 17
  • Episode 4 - July 24
  • Episode 5 - 31
  • Episode 6 - Aug. 7
  • Episode 7 - Aug. 14
  • Episode 8 - Aug. 21
  • Episode 9 - Aug. 28
  • Episode 10 - Sept. 4

Starring Rashida Jones as Suzie, the show is set in Kyoto, Japan where the main character lives after losing her husband and son in a "mysterious plane crash," according to the synopsis. As "consolation" for Suzie's loss, her husband's company gives her a robot, aka Sunny, to keep her company.

At first Suzie resents the robot, but the unlikely duo's relationship grows into friendship. And perhaps Sunny will be able to help her find out what really happened to her husband and son as there's a "dark truth" about their plane crash. The series also stars Hidetoshi Nishijima, Judy Ongg, Jun Kunimura, annie the clumsy, and Joanna Sotomura.

The Serpent Queen season 2

Stream on: Friday, July 12 on Starz

As The Serpent Queen season 2 key art suggests, it feels good to be bad! And we're definitely going to be seeing that in the next installment of the Starz series. The next chapter of this drama premieres Friday, July 12 at 12 a.m. ET on the Starz app and 8 p.m. ET later that day at 9 p.m. ET. One new episode will be released on streaming and on television each week. There's a total of 8 episodes. We shared the release schedule below:

  • Episode 1, "Grand Tour" - July 12
  • Episode 2, " - July 19
  • Episode 3 - July 26
  • Episode 4 - Aug. 2
  • Episode 5 - Aug. 9
  • Episode 6 - Aug. 16
  • Episode 7 - Aug. 23
  • Episode 8 - Aug. 30

Catherine de Medici's (Samantha Morton) story continues in the second season where her son, Charles IX, has not come of age and is ready to be king after she's ruled as regent for the last number of years. The Guises and the Bourbons continue to fight as tensions rise between the Catholics and Protestants outside of the castle walls as well thanks to a "mysterious prophet named Edith" who now has a "loyal following." With France, and the queen, having to deal with these challenges, it may be an opportunity for Queen Elizabeth I of England (Minnie Driver) to seize. Though as always, Catherine is determined to keep control.

Exploding Kittens

Stream on: Friday, July 12 on Netflix

If god's voice in the Exploding Kittens trailer above sounds familiar, that's because it's someone's distinct voice for you Lucifer fans. It's the one and only Tom Ellis! He's switching over from playing the devil in this new voice role, and we're so excited. I can't wait to watch this adult animated series! All 9 episodes begin streaming Friday, July 12 on Netflix.

In the show, based on the card game of the same name, god "gets fired" from Heaven and so his angels send him to Earth so he can reconnect with humanity in the form of a "chubby house cat," per the synopsis. At first all he cares about is doing what he needs to do with the human family he's been sent to live with to get back to Heaven. But Godcat actually starts to care about the humans. Too bad there's Beelzebub, Lady of Darkness, who is his archenemy. It's good vs. evil - in cat form!

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