Watch The Last Of Us star Pedro Pascal steal the show in Corona Extra Ad

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Pedro Pascal of HBO MAX's incredibly successful television show The Last of Us, based on the equally successful video game of the same name, has been the man of the hour for several years. Between his gripping and incredible portrayal of Joel Miller to his game-changing role as Mandalorian Din Djarin in Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian, he seems to be popping up nearly everywhere.

Aside from his anticipated return in The Last of Us season 2, which is currently filming, we'll be seeing him join the MCU as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic in the upcoming film The Fantastic Four. But perhaps most recently the Chilian actor can be seen in a Corona Extra ad.

This isn't Pedro's first commercial either as many probably remember his appearance as Detective Tim Rockford in the wacky and iconic Merge Mansion ads from last year. This time he's going from an extensive investigation to the relaxing beach.

What happens in the Corona Extra ad?

The 60-second ad has the 2024 SAG Awards winner about to enjoy a bottle of Corona Extra when he notices sand. He decides to follow the trail of sand out of the bar where he encounters a female dancer.

What ensues after her encounter is a quick yet entertaining bit where he escapes down the bustling and vibrant town, which includes a costume change before he finds himself at the beach. He briefly narrates a few lines including the inspiring, "even if you leave the beach, it never leaves you."

After such an ordeal a relaxing moment on the beach with something cool and tasty to drink doesn't sound too bad. Short, effective, and charming with a dose of humor only Pedro can deliver, what else can we say but, "La vida más fina".

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You can watch the Corona Extra One Man's Journey below. Don't forget to check out our recaps from The Last of Us season 1 and get caught up in all the post-apocalyptic drama, chills, and thrills before season 2 airs.

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How closely will season 2 follow the video game The Last of Us Part II? We're open to your ideas and theories!

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You can watch The Last of Us season 1 on MAX.