True Detective to partner with Game of Thrones in HBO lineup?


With Colin Farrell boarding True Detective in an official capacity this weekend, there are now other questions that fans have that they’d like answered. Farrell being on board is excellent progress but the question of when the show will premiere is still nagging at fans.

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Right now the show is slated for a summer 2015 premiere, which may see it coupled with The Leftovers in the lineup. But with production slated to begin soon and only take as little as four months to complete, there’s a chance we could get that premiere date bumped up to April — meaning True Detective could partner with Game of Thrones in the Sunday night lineup for HBO.

This is both an epic idea and one that could backfire on HBO. It would epitomize the notion of putting all your eggs into one basket, as while it would ensure a ratings blowout each Sunday for HBO, there’s not a lot of Sunday night competition in the spring.

What HBO would be wisest to do is keep True Detective on a trajectory for a summer 2015 premiere and use it to help boost The Leftovers into a hit series for the network. That’s easier said than done, but entirely possible given the strength of the show.

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