True Detective Season 2 shooting location confirmed by Colin Farrell


Colin Farrell not only dropped a bombshell — or at least confirmed one — this weekend about his involvement in True Detective but he hinted at some other information along the way. Farrell joining the cast is huge news and it’s finally some concrete information that fans can chew on, but it’s not the only soundbite from his interview.

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In addition to dropping the shooting schedule for the next season, Farrell confirmed the shooting location of the second season in a much more specific nature. While we knew that the second season would shooting California and be set there, Farrell makes note that the locations will be close to Los Angeles which is close to his family.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the show is shooting in Los Angeles but it also doesn’t mean that we’re going to be exclusively out in the boondocks like we were in season one. Being close to Los Angeles also tips us off to the story as well, since the transportation system was rumored to be involved meaning the inclusion of a major city is key to this playing out.

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