Matthew McConaughey Would ‘Never Have Done’ True Detective For More Than One Season


Matthew McConaughey almost took home an Emmy for his work on the first season of True Detective, but he’s officially putting to rest any notion that he’d ever come back to the series. 

When the first season of True Detective aired, Matthew McConaughey’s character seemed to strike a chord with fans and they wanted more than what he gave them. It wasn’t his performance they wanted more out of, it was the quantity of it. Just eight episodes exist of McConaughey has Rust Cohle and fans were holding out hope there would be more.

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In an interview with The Mirror UK, McConaughey noted that had he been asked to sign a multi-season contract for True Detective, he never would have done the series in the first place.

"I am someone who likes to do different things and I would have never done it if I would have had to sign on for a guaranteed three seasons. I simply wouldn’t have done it. But I’m excited about the new cast of Colin and Vince."

Well — that kills whatever hope fans had left.

It was said back when the first season wrapped that McConaughey wouldn’t be back for a second season which helped further establish the single season cinematic tone True Detective had. It was an amazing performance by McConaughey and it’s the type of role that needs to be forever left alone as trying to recapture lightning in a bottle is a task not worth ruining what you already have over.

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