True Detective Black Friday: Will Season 1 Be On Sale?


Black Friday is just around the corner and it looks like True Detective may be on sale if you look hard enough and channel your inner Rust Cohle to find the right clues. 

It’s almost Black Friday, which means we’re all going to be scoping for the best deals in our favorite stores to get a jump start on the holiday shopping season. That means a lot of True Detective fans are going to be doing some detective work of their own to see if they can’t find the first season of the show show on sale anywhere this Black Friday.

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Luckily for you, we did the investigating already but don’t have great news to report. While just about everything seems to be on sale somewhere, True Detective deals are few and far inbetween. That doesn’t mean there are no deals to be had though, as there is one place to find True Detective for a pretty decent price if you are looking for a fan this Christmas.

Amazon is the retailer with the best deal on True Detective, but it’s not a Black Friday specific deal. Amazon has hourly ‘Lightning Deals’ that slice deep discounts into various products. For instance, a copy of The Wolf of Wall Street can be had for as little as $6.99 but in limited quantity for a limited time. This won’t be the case with True Detective, rather the box set is on sale for a flat rate of $16.99 on DVD and $24.99 on Blu-ray.

That’s a ridiculously low price for the set which retails at a regular low price of $49.99. Getting the set for half-off the retail price is a steal of a deal and it’s something that should make your True Detective Christmas shopping easy this year.

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