True Detective On Sale For $16.99 For Black Friday


Black Friday is here, and there is one place where you can pick up True Detective for a record low price for that fan in your family. 

True Detective fans are putting on their best Rust Cohle hats to do some holiday investigating to find out of the first season box set of True Detective is on sale anywhere this Black Friday.

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While no other retailers are selling True Detective at a steep discount, Amazon is blowing folks away with a deeply discounted price on the Season 1 set for both DVD and Blu-ray fans out there. For a limited — and unknown — amount of time, Amazon is selling True Detective Season 1 for the low price of $16.99 on DVD with the Blu-ray box set costing less than $10 more.

That’s an absolute steal of a deal, with the best part being it’s not one of Amazon’s lightning deal steals. If that were the case, the sets would be available for a very small amount of time and would sell out almost instantly. Instead, someone decided to stock up on the sets and sell them for a low price to everyone outside of the lightning deals.

If you already own the set, then this would make a great gift for some True Detective fan close to you — or you could always flip the set on eBay, but that’s not something Rust would approve of.

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