True Detective Didn’t Make AFI Top 10


As year-end lists continue to roll in, True Detective is again becoming a hot topic of conversation. It’s already made it on a few lists so far, and even on one in which the readers snubbed it. AFI has released their top 10 films of 2014 — which has now been expanded to 11 films — and also a list of their top 10 televisions series of the year.

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True Detective didn’t make the list, but neither did Hannibal, a series that True Detective has been competing with on these lists. Fargo, however, did, and it sits at number two with The Americans at the top.

AFI also included some usual suspects, such as Game of Thrones and Mad Men, and even The Knick.

What’s worth noting, however, besides True Detective’s absence, is the presence of Jane the Virgin and How to Get Away with Murder, two shows that hadn’t shown up on the previous lists. True Detective has exactly been sweeping the best-of 2014’s just yet, and it’s looking more and more likely like it’s not going to happen.

Well, there’s always next year.

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