Golden Globes 2015: True Detective Nominated for Best Miniseries


The Golden Globe Nominations were announced this morning, and True Detective predictably nabbed a ton of nods button a category it hasn’t competed in before. 

When True Detective made it’s controversial Emmy campaign as a Best Drama Series and not a Miniseries, a lot of people got a little ticked off at the move by HBO. While it worked with the Emmys, the Golden Globes were not fooled by the trickery and placed True Detective right where it belongs in their eyes — Best Miniseries or TV movie.

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That’s really semantics at tis point, as True Detective is part of an exciting Golden Globes field in television that will see the show finally go toe-to-toe-with Fargo the way so many people hoped we’d see at the Emmy Awards. The Golden Globe nod for Best Miniseries was pretty much expected though, as True Detective was one of the hottest shows of the year and one of the most well received.

But it’s their fight against Fargo that will be the headline bout on the television side of things, as no other match really pops out at you aside from maybe HBO taking on Netflix with a Game of Thrones vs. House of Cards showdown.

True Detective deserved the Golden Globe nominations it got across the board, and it’s going to be a fun race to see where the show ends up when the Golden Globe dust settles.

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