The Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads Return


The original Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad was the gift that just kept on giving. Not only was it reminiscent of McConaughey’s character from True Detective, Rust Cohle, but was later spoofed by Jim Carrey. It’s difficult to top that.

But fear not, because the philosophical automobile enthusiast character that McConaughey has been playing so well so far has returned to us. Think of it as a late Christmas gift, and certainly a great way to end 2014, the year of True Detective and great drama in general.

The heavens have seen fit to bless us with more Rust-like McConaughey, so let’s embrace it with open arms. We have two new ads to end 2014 on a high-note. These ads both feature the new, more mysterious, bearded McConaughey.

Even though 2014 is over, True Detective is still riding high. True Detective’s first season is nominated at both the SAG’s and the Golden Globes, though Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey will be up against each other at both. It’s not ideal, but both leads deserve nominations.

Michelle Monaghan is also up for a Golden Globe in the Supporting Actress category, so True Detective has multiple shots at a Golden Globe. It’s refreshing to see the female side of the show finally get some credit that’s not wrapped up in controversy.

But that’s for 2015, and today is still 2014. So let us know what you think of the new ads!

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