True Detective Fan Creates Rust Cohle in GTA V


True Detective fans are a creative bunch. The fact that they continue to create and pay tribute to True Detective’s influential first season is amazing. Now that award season is over and True Detective lost all the majors — but still won big with the guilds — we’ve all been looking ahead to season two.

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But season two won’t feature Rust Cohle, so we turn to the fans now to remember the role that Matthew McConaughey was constantly praised for but never won. One fan took it upon himself to contact us on Twitter to show off his creation.

And so we’re passing it along to you.

The online mode of Grand Theft Auto V features a robust character creator, allowing players to create almost any character that they can think of. This particular fan took it upon himself to re-create the psychically damaged Rust Cohle using Grand Theft Auto as the medium.

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Looks pretty good to us and the tattoos on the left arm are a nice touch. Now you just need to have him go off on his classic pessimistic philosophy and down a few beers. So, True Detective fans, does this version of Rust Cohle do it for you? Let us know!

If you’d like to submit your own True Detective fan creation, feel free to contact us here, on Facebook, or Twitter @Trudetective.

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