Report: Vince Vaughn Breaks Silence on True Detective

We’ve had some substantial picture leaks from the set of True Detective season two, but this is the first time so far that an actor has shared some details. In a recent interview with Playboy, Vince Vaughn dished on what it’s been like filming the second and season. No only that, but how it feels to be coming in after Matthew McConaughey and Vince Vaughn.

When asked if Vaughn felt any pressure coming in after those two:

“Honestly, no, because Nic Pizzolatto is such a great writer…I thought Woody and Matthew did an exceptional job with the first season.”

He also goes into some detail about the differences between this season and the first. We’ve known for a little that season two would be different, especially with having a totally new cast and set in a different location.

“It’s a totally different story, with its own characters. The thing that’s consistent is the richness of the characters and the quality of the material. This is a California-based story, and it was kind of birthed from here. A lot of it is set in Los Angeles.”

Most interesting, however, is how Vince Vaughn came to be involved with True Detective in the first place:

“I was developing a movie version of The Rockford Files and met with Nic about writing it. He was really enthusiastic but was already working on a crime drama set in Los Angeles…Then he reached out to me about doing that series, and I was beyond flattered and thrilled to collaborate with him.”

Vince Vaughn also voiced he displeasure for the term “Vaughnaissance,” stating that he is uncomfortable with labels. That’s not so surprising; Vince Vaughn is the “wildcard” of True Detective’s second season, as Matthew McConaughey was before him. There is a lot of pressure to see what becomes of him now that he’s chosen a project like True Detective.

This is the most substantial bit of information we’ve gotten about True Detective season two in some time. Hopefully this means that the seal is finally broken and we’ll be hearing more and more as we reach the end of February.

It’s an informative interview even if it doesn’t answer the bigger questions such as premiere date or other directors. Vince Vaughn is as candid as possible without spoiling anything. Why this interview is coming out now is hard to say. Perhaps the production is in a comfortable enough place to be able to start sharing, or maybe it’s as simple as HBO giving the “ok.”

Now what really need is a teaser trailer.


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