True Detective Season Three: Justin Bieber and Martha Stewart?

The second season of True Detective is still in production and will supposedly premiere in the summer. Leaked photos continue to roll in from the set, but it looks like we’re already getting our first taste of True Detective season three. Even though sole writer Nic Pizzolatto tends to do things at his own pace, unconfirmed reports are stating that he was hit by a bolt of inspiration.

Early reports are pointing to True Detectives season three to be fast-tracked into production with two leads: Justin Bieber and Martha Stewart. That may seem odd to some, but viewers of Justin Bieber’s recent Comedy Central Roast would be hard-pressed to deny that the two have a certain on-screen chemistry.

These same sources are saying that season three of True Detective will take the two detectives — one a retired elementary school teacher now working as a P.I and the other a college student with a difficult past — travel around the country searching for a mysterious killer. It may not have the spark of earlier True Detective seasons, but we’ll reserve judgment until it airs.

The third season of True Detective is rumored to premiere just mere months after the second seasons ends, making it the fastest True Detective turn-around yet. If this turns out to be true, and it is coming from a fairly reliable source, True Detective season three may be the best one yet.