How Supernatural will True Detective Season Two be?


The first teaser for True Detective season two is out and we’ve been pouring over it. One thing that seems to be missing, however, is a definite lack of a supernatural element. The first season of True Detective always had the supernatural biting at its heals, but it was not in itself a work that explored the otherworldly.

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Which some found to be a little disappointing.

From what we know so far, True Detective’s second season will feature the same amount of supernatural-ness, or perhaps even less. Vince Vaughn’s character, Frank Seymon, will be involved with devil worship to some degree. Not that we see any of that in the trailer.

Most of what made the first season of True Detective so affecting was the dark tension just under the surface. The supernatural undertones, the setting itself, it all came together to build a foundation upon which the action took place. A supernatural element is something of a True Detective hallmark, but it’s easy to think that way when there’s only been a single season.

The trailer for True Detective’s first season didn’t outright feature the supernatural, but it did give the feeling that something was off. The second season teaser doesn’t quite give the same feeling, instead choosing to focus on the main characters in tense situations.

You can compare the two trailers below. There may be something in the direction True Detective’s first teaser took, but it’s a tad too early to tell.

Next: True Detective season two will premiere in the UK on June 22nd.

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