Abigail Spencer says True Detective Hasn’t Quite Left the South


The first season of True Detective is dead and gone. Or is it? Season two will star new characters and take place in California, but apparently it hasn’t left some of its southern sensibilities behind. Louisiana was a perfect fit for the gothic tone of True Detective’s first season, but even though we’ve moved locales some of that may be sticking around.

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Abigail Spencer, who has an unknown role in the second season of True Detective, recently did an interview with Garden & GunAccording to IMDB, Abigail Spencer will be playing “Alicia” in at least one episode of True Detective.

 Spencer stated that those southern tones that we enjoyed so much in True Detective’s first season may be hanging around for season two:

"“There was a sense of how interconnected everyone and everything was in the first season, which was so Southern, and that carries over into season two. There is a shared knowingness I have with Nic, something to do with the Gulf Coast. When I read his script, I felt like I was a child again, inserting myself into the story. That’s why I got into acting in the first place, to do and feel just that.”"

So the southern tone in True Detective season two may not be as overt, but there is something of it there. Considering that it’s so ingrained in creator Nic Pizzolattoit seems obvious to expect a certain something to carry over. But whether that carries over to just a “everyone knows everyone” vibe has yet to be seen.

The second season of True Detective will mostly take place in Central Valley, a very different place than L.A. While it doesn’t seem to have that small-town feeling, it may still lend itself to the type of southern-ness that Abigail Spencer is talking about.

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