New Series from The Wire Creator David Simon Coming to HBO


Creator of The Wire, quite possibly the best TV show of all-time, David Simon has partnered with HBO once again to bring a new miniseries to life this summer, according to a report from The Verge.

Simon’s six-episode miniseries, Show Me a Hero, is set in 1980s Yonkers, New York. The series focuses on an urban renewal project in downtown Yonkers that triggered racist tension as white members of the community didn’t want low-income housing near the town center.

Show Me a Hero is based on a book written by Lisa Belkin, a reporter who covered the events for The New York Times, according to the report..

Winona Ryder, Oscar Isaac, Catherine Keener, and Alfred Medina will star in the series. Show Me a Hero will also be directed by Paul Haggis, best known for Crash, Million Dollar Baby, and Casino Royale.

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As a huge fan of The Wire, I’m ridiculously excited for this miniseries. Obviously, the six-episode series won’t get into a lot of the character-driven storytelling of The Wire, which is unfortunate.

I don’t think there’s a person better than Simon to try and tell the story of race relations than Simon. His experience in Baltimore and the depiction of those events in The Wire only increase my expectations for Show Me a Hero!

Show Me a Hero premieres on HBO on August 16th, according to the report.

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