You Owe it to Yourself to Watch this True Detective/Golden Girls Mashup (Video)

True Detective fan creation can be a thing of beauty. If done right, the powers of creative True Detective fans can create some seriously impressive work. Today is Friday, and what better day is there to show off some of that creative work?

In case you need a reminder as to what True Detective fans can create at the height of their powers, please watch Matthew McConaughey watching the rain for an hour. Oddly soothing, no? Now that we’ve got that settled, it’s time to explore True Detective and The Golden Girls.

YouTube user Stay Golden has expertly combined The Golden Girls and the introduction to True Detective’s first season. The only good explanation that we could come up with as to why this exists is possible insanity.

But it works out for the better, so it’s all good.

You don’t have to be a fan of The Golden Girls to enjoy the clip, but it would certainly help. File this under “things you didn’t know you needed,” much like the True Detective and The Big Lebowski mashup. Enjoy your Friday, and kill about a minute of your time with “Stay Golden.”

This is what Friday’s were really for.

Via: Reddit