Watch Two New True Detective Season 2 Trailers


HBO released two new trailers for the upcoming second season of their hit series True Detective.

The 30-second long teasers were posted to HBO’s YouTube account. Needless to say, they’re getting everyone pretty psyched for True Detective Season 2.

Not to get them confused with the first two trailers released, HBO titled these two trailers “Chaos” and “Stand.” Epic, right?

Well, unfortunately, the trailers are not that “epic,” so to speak, but they are still really cool.

Take a peek at the first one fittingly called “Chaos”:

With less than two weeks before the Season 2 premiere, it’s refreshing to see some new footage used. In the first few trailers released, it seemed like they just re-cut a lot of the same clips together. There are some repeats in “Chaos” and “Stand,” but for the most part, they gave us a few a look at a few new, cool clips, and some fresh lines of dialogue.

Here’s a look at the trailer titled “Stand”:

Not bad, right?

The cool thing about True Detective is that it’s an anthology series, which, in this case, means Season 2 is not going to follow the same storyline as Season 1. You should get that from the trailers, if you watched Season 1, but just in case you missed it, we’ve got your back.

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It also means that, even if you didn’t see True Detective Season 1, you don’t have to watch Season 2. Pretty cool, eh?

Honestly, it’s nice to have one good show out there that uses that format. Some of these TV series are getting a little ridiculous for trying to catch up if you’re too busy during the season.

HBO does a really good job pacing their shows and following a week-by-week pattern for 10-12 weeks at the most, usually less.

Season 2 of True Detective stars Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, Colin Farell, and Taylor Kitsch, as four strangers, three cops and one criminal, who are forced to work together after finding themselves in a bind.

You can catch True Detective Season 2 on June 21 at 9 p.m. on HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Now.

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