A True Detective Soundtrack is up for Preorder on iTunes


The music of True Detective has become somewhat controversial. Not because a particular piece from the score is objectionable in some way, but because HBO and True Detective have been coy to the point of being ridiculous when it comes with release it.

For example, there has never been a release for True Detective’s first season soundtrack. Considering that the first season finished airing over a year ago, it’s easy to see why fans have become…let’s say, impatient. But everything involving True Detective is wrapped up in some secret or another, which T. Bone Burnett admitted even extends to the music.

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But there may be hope. A soundtrack release for True Detective has appeared on iTunes. It’s titled, simply, “True Detective (Music From the HBO Series.) There are no other details. In fact, there’s not even a track listing.

You can, however, purchase Lera Lynn’s “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For,” the song that apparently is not the opener for the season. There are fourteen tracks in total and the cover art only features True Detective season two, so it’s unlikely that this collection will feature season one as well.

Still, something is almost always better than nothing.

The True Detective soundtrack will release on August 14th, but for right now we can’t say what’s actually on it. Fans willing to take the plunge anyhow can do so through iTunes.

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