There are a lot of True Detective Podcasts out in the Wild


True Detective fans are a passionate bunch. That’s not too surprising considering that a single episode of True Detective could be hiding numerous references and secrets, not to mention the various scenes and cliffhangers that could be open to interpretation.

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True Detective season two has not yet inspired the same level of fan-created content as the first season, but that could change given time. What it has inspired, however, is discussion. And a lot it. There are a high number of True Detective related podcasts available at your fingertips that are fan-run.

This handy True Detective related blog post has gathered all of the current podcasts for your listening pleasure. Not all of them are strictly only about True Detective, but there are enough there that are. HBO and True Detective may not be too willing to be open with fans, but that doesn’t mean they can’t carve out a piece of the internet for themselves.

Some have more creative names than others, such as “Welcome to Vinci” and “The Podcast You Deserve.” Not that we recommend judging a book by its cover, so to speak.

There are so many aspects of a single True Detective episode that are discussion-worthy, it’s great to see fans take it upon themselves to delve into it all. Some of the podcasts are more popular than others, and some are new for True Detective season two while others have been round a big longer.

There’s a link on the blog to submit your own True Detective podcast if you don’t see it on the list. This is the sort of fan dedication that we love to see.

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