Feel like Walking in the True Detective Steps of Paul Woodrugh’s Hangover?


A lot happened in True Detective’s fourth episode, “Down Will Come.” Though in typical True Detective season two fashion, it may not feel like it. Just because events are moving forward on True Detective doesn’t mean it’s still not the slowest of slow burns. All four main characters were treated so some more development, even Paul, who was previously True Detective’s least interesting character.

And there’s much more to come.

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Before Paul meets up for Ray for something that resembles a pep-talk, he can be seen sporting a hangover and having a generally terrible morning. But now, thanks to the fine folks at the LA Magazine, you can re-trace Paul’s steps for the perfect True Detectiveinspired hangover trip.

If you’re into that sort of thing.

According them, Hollywood is “the worst place to have a hangover in the world.” We’ll have to trust them on that one. Paul starts off in an area apparently called Hell’s Dell, or at least that’s what they refer to that area of strip clubs and malls. Paul also ends up around an IHOP on Sunset, in case you’re really going to retrace his steps.

You can head over to LA Magazine to get the full scoop on Paul’s whereabouts during the episode as well as a fair amount of sassy commentary. They even go so far as to follow Ray for a little after he picks up Paul. True Detective season two shot on location in California, so you with instructions and directions like these you really could follow their footsteps.

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