Reminder: True Detective Season Two is not Eligible for 2015 Emmy Awards


True Detective season two has had a slow start. Fortunately it’s now starting to move forward in more meaningful ways. But that doesn’t really matter in terms of the 2015 Emmy awards. The nominations for the 2015 Emmy’s were released today, and there’s at least one obvious omission: True Detective.

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This isn’t something to be concerned about. We previously reported that due to its late start, True Detective would have to wait until the 2016 Emmy’s. That may seem like a long time from now, but it may actually do True Detective some good. Season two hasn’t exactly been lining up accolades so far, and some time away from it may help convince voters of its quality.

If season two of True Detective were actually eligible for the 2015 Emmy’s, it’s not very likely that it would have been nominated. It’s possible that Rachel McAdams or Colin Farrell would have gotten nods for their work, but anything else would be very much up in the air.

With the way True Detective season two has been progressing, and with the odds already stake against it from early reviews, having the entire season play out before the next Emmy’s would be for the best.

When the Emmy awards swing back around in 2016, however, True Detective will have to take on its old foe — Fargo. Both Fargo and True Detective will be in the running for next year’s Emmy awards. It’s far too early to say if either of them will actually be nominated, but it’s possible that we’ll be seeing a race similar to the one in 2014.

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