The True Detective Season Two and Starsky and Hutch Mashup You’ve been Waiting for (Video)


True Detective season two has so far been light on fan-created content. We’ve seen some nice pieces of fan-art, but there haven’t been very many spoofs, tributes or mashups. Part of that might have to do with the fact that True Detective season two is still in the middle of airing; fans may find themselves more ready to create once we enter another True Detective drought.

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This new True Detective mashup comes courtesy of Vulture, so it’s not what we would strictly consider fan created But who says Vulture can’t be fans of True Detective? You see the dilemma. Either way, we now have a stellar mashup of True Detective and Starsky and Hutch. And that’s at least one thing to be most thankful for.

The clip, which you can watch below, is a great send-up of both True Detective and Starsky and Hutch. It features all the music and…let’s call it, style, of Starsky and Hutch mashed with scenes of True Detective. It also has the grain and yellowish filter of a 70’s TV show. Don’t miss Richie Coster being referred to as “Mayor Boozy.”

Vulture positions this as being better than True Detective season two. Although we don’t agree with that –we’ve really warmed to True Detective’s second outing — we can’t argue with its quality. Maybe this will kick off a new wave of True Detective fan creations.

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