Not Digging the new Opener for True Detective? There’s a Blog for that.


Even before True Detective season two premiered, the new opening song was getting something of a bad wrap. Leonard Cohen may be something a legend, but that doesn’t mean that fans had to immediately take to his song “Never Mind,” as the lead-in for True Detective season two. For what it’s worth, we’re big fans of it.

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But fret not, if you’re not a fan of Leonard Cohen’s ragged tones, there’s now a resource to help you get the True Detective opener you deserve. Sort of. A new blog, Untrue Detective, offers up the mesmerizing visuals of the True Detective season two opener and combined them with different songs.

Some are great, like Perfume Genius and Mazy Star, and others are Jay-Z.

According to the blog’s missions statement, this project exists to help fans who have complained about Leonard Cohen. We haven’t seen a lot of that going around, but there must be enough people out there to justify the existence of this blog. As of right now there are only seven “remixes” available, but you can request more to be made. Presumably the project will last at least until True Detective season two wraps up.

The True Detective fanbase has created a lot of interesting work over the past year and some, but this is possibly the first that exists as a sort of protest. If anyone wants to request True Detective season two with the Spice Girls, we’d be cool with that.

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