Watch the trailer for Tig Notaro’s HBO Stand-Up Special (Video)


HBO recently released the teaser trailer for Boyish Girl Interrupted, Tig Notaro’s new stand-up special.

Needless to say, it looks hilarious!

In the teaser, famous funny people and comedians Sarah Silverman, Jack Black, James Corden, Kristin Schaal, and others give their recommendation to watch Tig’s new special Boyish Girl Interrupted.

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One of the best comics in the game right now, Tig has been in the news lately because Netflix recently released a documentary (titled Tig) chronicling her battle with cancer and how it changed her life and comedy. Tig is now streaming on Netflix and was released on July 17.

Last year, Tig produced another documentary, Knock, Knock, It’s Tig, about her life and stand up comedy for Showtime. The documentary follows Tig and fellow comedian Jon Dore on tour.

While Tig has been the subject of a few documentaries and has recorded a few comedy albums, Boyish Girl Interrupted is Tig’s first comedy special specifically made for HBO.

Boyish Girl Interrupted is scheduled for an August 22 premiere at 10 p.m. on HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Now.

Mark your calendars! If you’re a fan of stand up comedy, you really are not going to want to miss Boyish Girl Interrupted. 

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