Revisit True Detective’s First Season with Awkward Detective


The second season of True Detective has not yet inspired the fan community quite the same way that season one did. If we were to oversimply the issue, we could probably say that season one of True Detective has Rust Cohle and season two doesn’t. But it’s probably more nuanced than that. Still, we expect to see more True Detective season two fan created work after the season is over.

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In the meantime, fans continue to reach back into the past. Enter Awkward Detective. A short, multi-episode fan created series that aims to hit that True Detective season one sweet spot. Awkward Detective is shown in gif form, and aims to replace True Detective’s regular dialogue with some that is intentionally awkward.

It works as both tribute and parody. The series lives on Reddit which has a very active True Detective fan community.

Amazingly, the body language of Rust and Marty matches up very well to these new conversations. Almost as if True Detective was made to be played with by fans. You can catch the final installment of Awkward Detective right here. The series has no actual continuity; it’s just weird conversations with a couple of weird people.

Enter the world of the Awkward Detective.

Source: Reddit

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