Ask True Detective’s Propmaster, Lynda Reiss, a Question


Well, this is certainly new territory for True Detective.

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This morning, the official True Detective Twitter account sent out a link to HBO Connect. Connect is a new site that’s still in Beta, and will presumably allow fans to connect with those involved with productions at HBO. Today True Detective and HBO have opened up an area where fans can submit questions to Lynda Reiss, the woman behind True Detective’s props.

True Detective is not exactly known for being the most open production, and has in the past seemed to not care about fan interaction. The finer points of that probably aren’t going to change, but it is a very nice surprise to see someone from True Detective willing to connect with the fans. This is certainly better than Nic Pizzolatto’s canned Q&A from just before season two started.

The props of True Detective may not be as immediately eye-catching as, say, the props from Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t make them any less important or less deserving of attention. The props help True Detective feel more alive. To be honest, if someone doesn’t ask a question about that crow mask we’re going to be a little disappointed.

Neither HBO nor True Detective have said how long the question submission period will be open, so you might as well get your questions in while you can. With any luck, HBO Connect will become a real place for True Detective fans and other fans of HBO’s shows to connect (for lack of a better word) with creators. Just don’t expect to see Nic Pizzolatto on there anytime soon.

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