Analyze the Final True Detective Season Two Preview, “Omega Station.”


It feels almost impossible, but believe it or not there is only a single episode of True Detective season two left. Just one. The final episode, “Omega Station,” will have an entire hour and a half to wrap up season two’s story. That’s pretty much a True Detective movie, folks.

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Much like the preview for last night’s True Detective episode, however, there’s not all that much to actually analyze. What we have here is another hype trailer. Nobody mentions the death of Paul Woodrugh, but something tells us that this isn’t going to work out like that time Ray Velcoro was shot by a bird man. Don’t hold your breath for a miracle.

We see a lot of quick flashes, a car on fire, and a large number of guns. Presumably those guns will play a part in whatever Frank has planned for his friend Osip. The preview has a seriously ominous feel, with Ray saying “I’ve heard enough confessions,” and Frank speaking about revenge. There’s also a great shot of Ray wearing shades and a hat. Stylish.

There is a lot riding on True Detective’s final episode, and don’t forget that we still have no idea what’s gong on with the crow man (or men.) There are many mysteries that have to be wrapped up in that hour and a half, so hopefully it will deliver. At least True Detective did a lot to move forward in the previous episode.

You can watch the preview for “Omega Station,” below:

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