True Detective’s Ratings Continue to Fall Steadily


We’d argue that season two of True Detective has never been this good. The season had a few bumps at the start, but now it’s a focused machine, and losing that last bit of fat didn’t really hurt either. But that isn’t really making a difference in the ratings. According to TV by the NumbersTrue Detective’s ratings have continued to fall, though at a steady pace.

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So that’s something.

On average, True Detective season two’s ratings are still better than season one. Season one’s ratings were never spectacular, but it did get a nice bump in the finale which presumably carried over into season two.

Even though technically fewer people are tuning in for True Detective each Sunday, it has not experienced a dramatic drop-off. HBO’s president, Michael Lombardo, is also very happy with the ratings that True Detective is getting. At least that’s what he says, anyway.

None of this may really amount too much. True Detective season two only has a single episode left, and it’s entirely possible that it will get a small surge, especially considering that the finale is going to be feature-length. True Detective is a beast due to its cast. Without that, it would just be another super-niche show on HBO. A very good one, but still.

HBO have not said whether or not True Detective will return for a third season, and likely won’t for some time. Ratings, however, probably won’t play a huge role in their decision. Season two’s ratings are still strong even if they have been falling, and HBO has never been overly concerned with ratings anyway.

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