Rumor: True Detective Season Three Moving to Europe?


Event though the second season of True Detective finished a little over week ago, the rumor-mill for season three is already in full-swing. We’ve had our first rumored cast member, and now it will like we have our first rumored location. Some fans will likely be happy to move on from season two, but our feelings toward it are a tad more complicated.

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According to Express, a UK news and tabloid outlet, True Detective actor Timothy V Murphy told them that season three is looking to move to Europe:

"“I’ve been hearing something about it being set in Europe so that would be interesting. So if there’s a movie that jumps out at me there it would be The French Connection; something like that set in Paris.”"

A European True Detective sounds like it could be really interesting. It would give the show a nice shake, something which it could use. Pizzolatto’s exploration of America, while interesting, could get a tad old. Murphy played Osip in season two, the Russian gangster that moves in on Frank’s territory. While he didn’t have very many scenes in True Detective, he did cut an imposing figure.

HBO keeps a super tight lid on True Detective, so it’s odd to see information like this leak out so early. It’s true that Murphy did have access to Pizzolatto while filming, so he could potentially have some inside information. If this does turn out to be true, it’s likely that Murphy will be receiving an annoyed call from either HBO or Pizzolatto’s people in the near future.

A move to Europe for True Detective sounds a little refreshing. Although it’s far too soon to consider this anything but a rumor, it would be nice if it did turn out to be true. Pizzolatto’s noir leanings could find smooth purchase in a small European town, as it’s likely that he wouldn’t focus directly on a place like Paris.

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